Taiwan DPP against student was criticized after the election before the election hand hands shiyang

Taiwan DPP against student was criticized: hand in hand before the election after the election 1 original title: DPP against student was criticized: hand in hand before the election after the election under the murderous [Global Times special correspondent in Taipei Zhang Yunfeng following the November 1st Democratic Progressive party responsible person rushed into the office after a protest by the student group into youth group 2 again as opposed to Cai Yingwen law to cut labour seven days off, rushed into the Democratic Progressive Party protest. Sunflower school movement in the past less than 1000 days, then insisted that the DPP to maintain students now let the police expelled students. This "hand in hand before the election, after the election under the murderous face, was strongly questioned public opinion in taiwan. "Cut out the face of fake president,", "fighting youth industrial reserve army" and "Higher Education Union Youth Action Committee" and other youth groups 2 at noon on the 10 floor to protest the DPP party raid, trying to break the glass door to the Central Standing Committee meeting. After they issued a statement saying that the protest by the DPP government party and government to police dominance, isolated from the eyes of President cai". For months, they watched the news on Cai Yingwen and the DPP legislators, chief executive, turns and capital tails has never really communicate with young, "the DPP hand hand, arrogant indifference to, disguised as the illusion of progress, we are disappointed incapable of further increase, strong" young people kept to improve the situation of President Cai Yingwen to the Youth Challenge response". A day after the 1 day, "Higher Education Union Youth Action Committee and other members of the group into the Legislative Yuan, the occupation of the Democratic Progressive party caucus total call on Ke Jianming’s room, shouting" youth to labor rights, to cut 7 days off, "asked to Ke Chien Ming public debate, 30 minutes after the police force off. According to the "Chinese times" reported on 2, the DPP’s Legislative Yuan Su Jiaquan after the incident, drafted a statement, criticized the students out of order illegal, seriously affecting legislators personal safety, in addition to the requirements of security in accordance with the law, give him the most severe condemnation. But the KMT Caucus on the opposition refused to negotiate issued a joint statement, "the power of the times" also said it would not sign. Finally, Su Jiaquan had announced that, by the party to decide whether a statement. The netizen pulls out the "sunflower student movement" Su Jiaquan’s Facebook post, saying "this a few days to see many students in the Legislative Yuan fearless storm, for the future of our country, to show their own will, brave to stand up, it is not simple". KMT legislator Jiang Qi Chen said that the student movement is up, some of the students broke into the KMT legislator Lai Shibao office, the "Legislative Yuan" has never issued a public statement, Su Jiaquan should be consistent with the standard". "Li Yanxiu said that the DPP legislators regard the students as a political tool, when there is a need to look at the entrance can help them, is condemned when not needed," the fast change of attitude, chilling". The KMT Legislative Yuan caucus Chief Deputy Secretary Wang Yumin 2, also criticized the sunflower student movement, sit in the Legislative Yuan Conclave in support of the students before Cai Yingwen and several DPP heavyweights late at night, "what now changed? It can be seen that the fairness and justice in the past are all political means. Democratic Progressive Party 2相关的主题文章: