shop selling fake license plate Nanchang traffic police checked the electric car buckle dataload shop selling fake license plate: Nanchang traffic police checked the electric car buckle Nanchang news network September 1st Nanchang all electric bicycles are on the card, but someone broke the news that you can buy online electric vehicle. Really can buy it? In accordance with the method provided by the people broke the news, 18, the reporter in the country’s well-known online shopping platform Taobao online experience, and with the sale of fake license plate customer service dialogue. "That said," customer service to ensure the license plate can be deceptive, not by the traffic police see. For this phenomenon, Nanchang traffic police reminded the public that meet the standard electric license plate online sales are fake license plate, do not buy and use, once the road checked will be confiscated license, seizure of vehicles, more than two hundred yuan at five hundred yuan fine. Online selling electric car license plate national shipping shipped the same day 18, the reporter in the search bar on search "electric car license", there are more than 100 businesses and stores up, electric car license plate sales throughout the country, each license plate price ranging from tens of dollars. Some shops also played a convex plate, on the day of delivery "national shipping, the price of many distinctions, fine workmanship" advertisements. On the web, there is a Zhejiang Wenzhou shop name custom electric car license plate slogan, sales of Nanchang electric car license plate, license plate number "C37390" in Nanchang, Nanchang, and Jiangxi in addition to the store in Sichuan, Yunnan, Suzhou, across the plate, and that free shipping + send screw, and attach the phone. Each license plate price 45 yuan, has been paid for 1384 people.相关的主题文章: