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Tencent GoerTek investment led domestic smart wearable technology really welcome game player – Sohu technology Texun November 12th news: the golden nine silver ten, the domestic smart wearable equipment industry has ushered in a wave of new incoming. Following the high-profile launch of smart watches S1, the country has a considerable background and strength of the company announced that the real time technology into the field of intelligent wearable. In October 26th, when it held the first media and technology partners to communicate in Beijing, introduce the company background and team situation at the same time, announced the product service strategy, and wearable brand Pacewear held the unveiling ceremony for its smart. Tencent vice president of science and technology Zhong Xiangping, GoerTek chairman Jiang Bin, true CEO Technology Fair for Pacewear brand opening according to the introduction, when the technology really true Technology Co. Ltd., is a position of smart wearable devices and service development technology company in Beijing, Shenzhen and Qingdao respectively with the company. The company was founded in September this year, has been awarded by the Tencent technology and GoerTek shares lead, a number of institutions involved in the investment of A round of financing. Capital favored behind is hard to ignore the strength of the team it is understood that the true technology core team from the former Tencent of science and technology, Motorola, Nokia, shares of GoerTek products and R & D personnel, with rich service system and software development experience, also has a mature consumer electronic product development and manufacturing experience — the "soft" and "hard power and externally, this gene will provide strong support in product development and design for the intelligent software services, but also to become the founding stage favored the power game player. At present, the domestic smart wearable product technology and functional applications have a lot of room for exploration, users and the market has not yet entered a mature stage of cultivation. And, unlike smart Bracelet represented the first generation of smart wearable devices, smart watches from the development of the system, software and hardware into design and development, manufacturing and other aspects, has a very high barriers. Therefore, currently involved in domestic and abroad, are more concentrated in the traditional hardware manufacturers, the traditional watch manufacturers. However, for real time technology, system background and with Tencent software development team, with Motorala, Nokia, GoerTek shares background hardware development team, this is the entrepreneurial company size into the office where emboldened. Although the application of artificial intelligence to expand the focus of health wearable devices smart Bracelet products popularity, let the public have a preliminary understanding of the movement monitoring, but limited to not complete display and interactive function of sports health, most still collect the record level, unable to form planning and guidance for exercise, the health of people’s lives the way. True true cultural science and technology CEO technology to sports and health as the focus, is devoted to the application of artificial intelligence technology in the smart watch sports health. In the use of smart watches portability advantages collect and record data at the same time, the combination algorithm of sports science and health theory and conversion, moving user health data for further analysis and processing, and based on artificial intelligence technology and smart watch interactive advantage guide]相关的主题文章: