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Tesla involved in the auto insurance industry is not limited to the scope of the car insurance brochure brochure unique structure and use of electric vehicles will lead to a change in the automotive industry? According to science and technology media Electrek said Tesla is involved in the insurance industry, the company has set up a new insurance projects in Australia and Hongkong. The project is called "InsureMyTesla", consumers can purchase at Tesla’s Insurance partners. In Hongkong Tesla partners is AXA partners, Australia is Queensland insurance australia group. Tesla listed after the customer purchase can enjoy the service, including not only the vehicle insurance coverage, including home charging facilities: 1 vehicles purchased within 36 months can be replaced with a new 2 Tesla charging facilities for family insurance can choose 3 Tesla service providers authorized Australia part owner has sent Tesla corporate information. They can inform the 1200 Australian dollars ($900) price to enjoy this service. Why Tesla’s premium is particularly high? Tesla had complained about their car insurance to pay extra high premium. Youtube blogger Kman Auto said in July that he had purchased a Model S 90D, but was asked to register as Model S P90D with Ludicrous when the insurance company insured. Model S with Ludicrous is the highest price in the Model S models, two models price difference of $30 thousand, P90D. In addition to KmanAuto, there are many Tesla owners have encountered similar situations. For insurers, Tesla’s battery capacity is also a big problem. In fact, all Tesla models are the same battery capacity, Tesla controlled by software. It is clear that Tesla into the insurance sector is also out of consideration. For example: if a Model S 60 (battery capacity 60kWh version) traffic accident, the amount of premium and the amount of payment when the car is concerned, but in fact the battery capacity is 75kWh. What is the impact of unmanned driving on the insurance industry? In May this year, "Warren" Buffett said that the insurance industry will be unmanned subversion. Although driverless cars can avoid traffic accidents caused by driver error, but after the accident caused by the device itself, the car factory or sensor manufacturers to take responsibility is difficult to define. "Anything that makes cars safer is good for society, but not for the insurance industry. The auto insurance industry has been working to make cars safer, such as driving belts and other equipment. But if there is no accident, there is no need to buy insurance." Volvo CEO Hakan · in May this year, also issued a similar view of the, they are expected to automatically drive vehicle technology will greatly reduce their revenues. They expect that by 2035, traffic accidents will be reduced by 80%. By 2020, global auto insurance premium income will be reduced by $20 billion. "Significant impact on the long-term impact of the vehicle insurance industry. But we"相关的主题文章: