Thailand denied the Japanese iron called elevation priority to build the Thai high-speed rail-footman

Thailand denies Japan said the priority to build high elevation iron Thailand Tiemei stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrant [global network correspondent in Thailand Han Mei reports] in September 16th, "Chinese network celebrity World Tour – Thailand station" members of the delegation and the Thailand foreign Ministry spokesman Sai · 000 nano pedicle talks on bilateral competition of Thailand high speed rail, Thailand carat canal built, "whether Thailand would join the TPP and other hot issues of communication. Wanner Miti said that Thailand has not yet identified Chiang Mai to Bangkok high-speed rail project undertaken by Japan, Thailand give priority to construction of the Thai high-speed rail, compared to TPP, Thailand is more inclined to support the Asia Pacific Free Trade Zone and Chinese Chinese ASEAN FTA upgraded version of the RCEP, and the relevant reports of so-called "Thailand construction plan carat canal". Wanner Miti believes that the Asian community is to build Asia’s desire, Chinese proposed "The Belt and Road" strategy in line with national aspirations, China will become the most important force to promote the construction of the Asian community. The director and the Thailand Foreign Ministry spokesman and news department seico · 000 (Sek Wannamethee) nano pedicle talks, 000 on global network organization China with nano network celebrities to Thailand coverage, promote bilateral friendly thanks, and "Thai family" to describe the relationship between the two countries. He said that Thailand is very welcome, including Chinese tourists, including tourists from around the world, and to the delegation focused on the wedding tourism, food tourism and other emerging Thailand tour project. When it comes to tourism security issues, 000 said in the nano pedicle, causing many casualties, including Chinese tourists around the Buddha explosion?, to ensure the safety of tourists, the Thai side has replaced the monitoring system, and the tourist police number to 2000 people, while strengthening the sharing of terrorism information associated with China and other countries the. When asked about the Sino Japanese competition of Thailand high speed rail problem, 000 nano pedicle to the global network reporter said that the Thailand government has yet to determine Japan as the "final contractor in Chiang Mai – Bangkok high-speed rail project. According to BBC reports, Thailand and Japan on the Bangkok Chiang Mai high-speed railway project signed a memorandum of cooperation, Thailand will formally adopt the Japanese Shinkansen technology, high-speed rail line length of 700 kilometers is expected to commence in 2018. Wanner Miti said that Japan is now in Thailand to do feasibility study on the construction of high-speed rail, but the research is still in Thailand in the process of the examination, did not confirm the Japanese bid "Chiang Mai – Bangkok high-speed rail project. Thailand has not yet decided whether to build the railway. At present, Thailand is the priority and Chinese cooperation in building the Thai high-speed rail, this railway will start within a year, the future will be connected to the north by the Lao Kunming, the South will eventually repair to singapore. About the rumors on the Internet, Thailand jointly build the isthmus of Kra canal "report, 000 nano denied pedicle. He explained that the so-called photo shoot is actually private enterprise employees, non government personnel. This led to the misunderstanding that this is the future of the two governments may carry out the project, but it is not the case. The two governments have never been 3相关的主题文章: