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The 10 day record: 72 20+ less Du Ping Jordan 13 third career night – Sports Sohu Beijing time on November 10th, 2016-17 NBA regular season continues after the game today, also gave birth to a lot of new record. The following are the details: 1 less Du 72 20+ tied Jordan warriors home court game, 116-95 victory over Dallas, Kevin – Durant played 35 minutes, scored 28 points and 10 rebounds and 4 assists. After the game, Du less has been 72 consecutive games scoring at least 20 points, which also tied Michael kept Jordan (NBA and ABA since the merger of historical records). Among the 2 big four record three points in this game, the warriors four giants – Stephen – Curitiba, Klein – Thompson, Kevin – Durant and Drummond – Green hit 4 three pointers. According to historical data, this is the first time in the history of the NBA team with 4 players in a single game hit at least 4 points in the three. 3 two high brother curry calf 95-116 away defeat warriors game, the Mavericks guard Seth curry had 5 steals and 2 blocks, two figures are refreshed their personal career record. Previously, the small library most in one game ever sent 3 steals, most in one game sent over 1 blocks. 4 30+ for the first time in team history by the Clippers two clippers 111-80 beat the blazers on the game, the Clippers history for the first time in consecutive games scoring 30 points or more. Two days ago, the game against the pistons in the clippers, they win the match 34 points 114-80. In addition, so far this season, the Clippers 7 wins and 1 losses record in team history, and topped the league’s best record. 5 Griffin rebounds or milepost in this game, the Clippers forward Blake – Griffin played 26 minutes, scored 22 points and 13 rebounds and 5 assists. As a result, the total number of rebounds Griffin occupation career regular season reached 4008, the success of a breakthrough 4000 mark. The 6 season for the first time harden three pairs of rockets 101-99 win over the Spurs, the game, harden shopping 41 minutes to get 24 points, 15 assists and 12 rebounds, occupation career tenth times in the regular season and scored three double, and it is also a big Hu originally the season’s first 3 pairs. In addition, after the game, harden 5 consecutive games two assists, Lippi – Freud, he also became the first to do it in the Rockets in 1990, Freud had 5 assists the performance of 10+. 7 spurs halftime scoring record or in this game, the Spurs lost half a point in the second half, and two consecutive minutes in the first half lost more than 60 points points. The last time the Spurs lost two points in the first half of the game more than 60, or in April 1997, it was Greg – coach of the Spurs’ first season, that year, – – – – Duncan has not yet entered the League of -. 8 Manu scored the milepost Ginobili scored 8 points, 3 assists, which crossed the milepost career 13000 points. In NBA calendar相关的主题文章: