The 6 scientists were awarded the 2016 Run Run Shaw prize aspack

The 6 scientists were awarded the Run Run Shaw prize in 2016 original title: the United States and Britain 6 scientists awarded the 2016 Run Run Shaw prize for news agency in Hongkong on 27 September, (reporter Li Zhuolong) Run Run Shaw award 2016 annual awards ceremony on the evening of 27 held in Hongkong. From the United States and Britain 6 scientists at the astronomy, life science and medical science, Mathematics 3 awards. Since the beginning of this year, each bonus increased to $1 million 200 thousand. That night, the "Oriental Nobel prize" of the Run Run Shaw awards ceremony held at the Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Center, Hongkong SAR chief executive Liang Zhenying officiating and for the award winning scientists. He believes that innovative technology can help promote economic growth, while improving the quality of life. Astronomy prize awarded to California Institute of Technology physics professor emeritus Ronnell · Drev (Ronald W P Drever), physics professor emeritus of the California Institute of Technology Feynman theory Kip · Thorne (Kip S Thorne), Professor Emeritus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Leonard · physics; Weiss (Rainer Weiss), in recognition of their "laser interference for gravitational wave observatory (LIGO) and the idea of design. LIGO recently launched the first direct observation of gravitational waves, creating a new method for astronomical exploration, and it first detects the extraordinary case, two star quality and black hole. Life science and medicine prize was awarded to University of Edinburgh professor Adrian Buchanan genetics · Byrd (Adrian P Bird); and the Baylor College of Medicine, and professor of human genetics and molecular Pediatrics Yehuda · Zogby (Huda Y Zoghbi), in recognition of his have found a class of genes and proteins, these proteins can confirm the chromosomal DNA of a the chemical can affect gene regulation changes, and establish the mutation of genes are the main causes of disorder Rett syndrome. The science of mathematics prize English professor at the University of Oxford Savilian · geometry lectures on Nigel (Nigel J Hitchin); Hitchin, in recognition of his great contribution to geometry, representation theory and theoretical physics. He introduced the basic and beautiful concepts and techniques, far-reaching. The Run Run Shaw prize board of directors and committee chairman, Jane Yuewei at the ceremony said that since 2004 the first awarded Run Run Shaw prize, many Run Run Shaw prize winners from other prestigious awards, including the Nobel prize. The Run Run Shaw prize was founded in Hongkong in 2002 by the late well-known film giant Run Run Shaw, is an international award, recognizes the breakthrough achievements in academic and scientific research or application, and the results have far-reaching impact on human life scientists. (end) editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: