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The British News I: EU Xiaoying, you can go, I just 20 billion divorces! – Sohu blue stamp on our yo! According to an analysis of the British "Financial Times", the "divorce bill" Britain faces up to 20 billion euros, which indicates that the common EU budget is becoming one of the biggest political obstacles to reach a British retreat European agreement. According to EU accounts, more than 300 billion euros of joint payment obligations will need to be clarified in the divorce settlement. These are the common financial obligations left over for decades, and Brussels will insist on the performance of the uk. 20 billion euro British "Financial Times" said, "20 billion years of continuous coverage of the estimated limit Euro payment responsibility, including unpaid budget of 241 billion euros, pension liability to pay 63 billion 800 million euros, and share a total of about 32 billion euros of future contracts and other spending commitments in the UK should bear. Hard or not retreat European champions back in British politics "hard fought back in Europe, the market is back in Europe worried about the prospect of the occasion, a European Union decision-making officials gave Britain tough talk back in Europe this hot issue add a fire. Local time on Thursday, the European Council president Tusk (Donald Tusk), said the British retreat process will be much longer than two years, at this stage, the only real option is to withdraw from europe. Even today, few people believe that the possibility of." Tusk said: "our task is to protect the interests of the EU as a whole, to protect the interests of the 27 member states. There will be no concessions." The pound flash crash continued to fall Tusk’s remarks coincided with the rise of domestic anti British "hard back in Europe, market speculation a recent flash crash one of the reasons is the risk of a" hard back in Europe. British politics is back in Europe over the market, has been like a badly frightened person. On Friday, the Asian city in early trading pound flash collapse, more than two minutes plunged more than 10%, some analysts believe that the cause of the British Financial Times on the French President Francois Hollande review of Britain’s report back to europe. Since June this year, the British referendum back to Europe, the pound fell 18% against the u.s.. Analysts expect a series of uncertainties in the negotiations, such as the withdrawal of the EU, the pound will continue to fall. Investment firm Algebris expects, in the case of hard back in Europe, the pound will fall to parity with the euro, or even lower. UBS expects the pound against the U.S. dollar will fall to 1.20, and may even fall to parity. WeChat ID:GreatBritainMagazine long on the left side of the two-dimensional code attention we do not just forwarding media we believe that the strength of the original us every article is full of sincerity we bring you the most fresh British consulting Elite copyright GB micro signal: Greatbritainmagazine business cooperation: hello@elitegb.co相关的主题文章: