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Low-income housing distribution chaos: someone open luxury car high-grade tobacco smoke live in low-income housing allocation of low-income housing chaos: some people who live in high-grade car smoke low-income housing. In September 9th, the people’s Daily reported the concern. Although pianbao is an old problem, but such "concrete" behavior, so arrogant, or let people be startled at. Modern Express observers Wu Lichuan affordable housing security should not protect the number of people? Living security room may not necessarily be low-income groups. I have people driving luxury cars, smoking furongwang lived in low-income housing. There is a friend, get three sets of affordable housing, their own living, two sets of sublet. I like such a low income, and nothing more, the honest line to a low-income housing, but it is not easy to." Jiangxi low-cost housing tenants complained to reporters. People’s Daily reported that the facts described, people feel incredible, but also has some kind of rationality". Affordable housing can only be qualified, but the road to learn to become a subversive force. The National Audit Office issued the day before the "2015 affordable housing project tracking audit results" show that last year there were 58 thousand and 900 households hidden income, housing and other information through the audit or exit should not quit…… The fact that the urgent need to live in the room to protect the hearts of bleeding. Many affordable housing guarantee the relationship between households, Paul high-income groups, is simply a joke can not make people laugh. In recent years, the central government has introduced a number of policies on the protection of housing quality, standards, supporting, distribution, etc.. But it is precisely the problem of frequent link allocation crucial, disturbing. It is those who insist on pianbao people reckless, but the reason is the priority among priorities of the low-income housing cost poor. These years, the country frequently came repaying several sets of low-income housing news seems to be "victory", in fact the largest draw". The reason is that after repaying some resourceful, and once people seek unscathed. "Pursue criminal liability" should be in the study represent the general trend of the State Council Development Research Center of market economy research institute director Liu Weimin, the real cheat cheat up behavior of the punishment, the basis of law enforcement, the lack of legal provisions and more authoritative. Weak law will also result in increased violations of affordable housing. Urban housing security regulations are still in the legislative process, has not yet introduced. The housing construction, civil affairs, public security, industry and commerce, taxation and other departments of the information sharing mechanism is not smooth, making the application for access to affordable housing objects exit, income changes, such as dynamic management has a certain degree of difficulty. In the housing market, the way of the moment, low-income housing stride forward singing militant songs "is the low income group is eagerly looking forward to the real help, but the real conscience, they hurt low-income housing most is some surname" rich ". Huang Yi commented that low-income housing repeated chaos, is not only a system problem. Regulatory system is not implemented is an important aspect. "The existing system defects, but also because" the interests of collusion, Jiangsu provincial Party School professor Liu Qing believe that low-income housing distribution chaos is not accidental. How to deal with? Commentators Luo Haoran think, for the protection of 8相关的主题文章: