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The failure of the EIA     (said) — no end of trouble for the future environmental protection — EIA is the first hurdle for environmental protection. The current planning EIA landing has become difficult to play the role of the EIA source to prevent the "stumbling block" the Henan provincial government recently on the 50 air pollution enterprises to conduct interviews, Henan provincial leaders in anger, "some enterprises serious illegal sewage, is tantamount to poison and harm!" Which of these 50 companies, 22 companies without the approval of the EIA unauthorized production, accounted for nearly half, it is interesting. Since 2003, China began to implement the environmental impact assessment. Environmental impact assessment is the first level of environmental protection, the purpose is to prevent the planning and construction projects due to the adverse impact on the environment. Once the first hurdle that environmental protection will stay endless failure. Unfortunately, over the years, not just in Henan, around the EIA was ignored, the phenomenon of frequent walks. Environmental Protection Minister Chen Jining had pointed out that the prevention and control of pollution, prevention before, after treatment, the current planning EIA EIA has become a hard landing source prevention and play the role of "stumbling block". The EIA landing difficult, largely because of some local environmental protection consciousness is weak, quick. In order to develop the economy, so just launched the project, work fast, can save the province for approval of the eia. Some EIA agencies have a relationship with the local environmental protection department, the EIA went through the field, money to do card". To achieve the EIA landing, strict law enforcement is the key. In particular, since September 1st, the newly revised EIA law formally implemented. According to the new regulations, "the construction project EIA can not handle the deadline for completing the" cancelled "after the first boat ticket" approach does not work, need to EIA enterprises can no longer hold fluky psychology. The Henan province mentioned in the interview, the deadline for rectification, refuses to correct, will be the responsibility of the relevant personnel shall be investigated according to discipline, it is also fit the new EIA law provisions. At the same time, during the operation of the enterprise projects to strengthen supervision and supervision, not only to ensure that enterprises implement environmental regulations, but also the investigation does not EIA on the production of a fish escaped through the seine. This process, to accept the supervision of the third party, the public into the scope of the EIA procedures to monitor. At present, the EIA agency "red intermediary" decoupling is advancing, although many stakeholders involved, "flesh" resistance, but also made a lot of achievements. Expected before the end of 2016 all unhook or withdraw from the construction project EIA technical service market "target realization, make the EIA environmental protection first become impassable. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 07 August 13 Edition) (commissioning editor Li Nanhua and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章: