The five reason for what are you waiting for buy Jiangling E100 E200-stand by me shinee

The five reason for what are you waiting for buy Jiangling E100 E200 1 small environmental pollution which is the most prominent advantages of electric vehicles. The use of electric vehicles in the process does not produce waste gas, compared with the traditional car does not exist the problem of air pollution. Some people say that the use of electric vehicles, the two energy – electricity generated in the thermal power plant pollution of the atmosphere, it is only the transfer of pollution from the city to the suburbs. In fact, the electric car is not simply to change the place of air pollution, compared to traditional cars, it does reduce pollution. 2 no noise, low noise, which is the most intuitive characteristics of electric vehicles. Now the noise in the city has become a more serious pollution, noise pollution is also a test of the future of the automotive industry. Motor vehicle engine noise is the main source of noise in the process, compared with the fuel vehicle, electric vehicles in this area has the absolute advantage. It is basically quiet in the running, especially suitable for urban roads which need to reduce noise pollution. 3 high efficiency this is the most significant feature of electric vehicle energy utilization. In the city, vehicles on the road more, and often encounter traffic lights, vehicles must stop and start. For traditional fuel vehicles, this not only means a lot of energy consumption, but also means that more exhaust emissions. The use of electric vehicles to stop, the vehicle can be kinetic energy through the magnetoelectric effect, "regeneration" into electric energy and stored in a storage battery or other accumulator. In this stop, don’t let the motor idling, can greatly improve the efficiency of energy use, reduce air pollution. 4 simple structure, easy maintenance and durability, this is the biggest highlight of the electric vehicle running costs. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, electric vehicles are easy to operate, the structure is simple, the operation of the transmission parts is relatively small, no need to replace the oil, oil pump, muffler, etc., without adding cooling water. Less maintenance and maintenance. If there is a good battery, its service life than car fuel. 5 use a wide range, not affected by the environment which is another advantage of electric vehicles. On special occasions, such as ventilation, low temperature in winter, or high altitude hypoxia, the diesel locomotive can not work, or efficiency, while the electric car is completely unaffected.相关的主题文章: