The fourth quarter steel prices xianyanghouyi material

The fourth quarter of the price of steel material xianyanghouyi hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! This year, the steel futures market is the star varieties. According to China Securities News statistics, so far this year, steel futures rose 28% cumulative, hot rolled futures rose a total of 30%, and during which there is a trend of sharp rise and fall. The outlook for the four quarter, the industry believes that the steel futures prices xianyanghouyi. CITIC futures researcher Liu Jie said that first of all, there is a positive supply side release. From the supply side, on the one hand, due to various events, the main origin from time to time to limit production shutdown, the fourth quarter of the Tangshan area there are major activities, activities of Tangshan area during the sintering process will be limiting the production of 50%. In addition, if the four quarter of the poor air quality in Tangshan area, the possibility of a large temporary production. On the other hand, in terms of supply side reform, the first half of this year, the coal industry took the lead in the steel industry to slow progress in production capacity. At the end of July 2016, iron and steel production capacity to complete the annual task of only 47%, the second half of the steel production capacity will increase to increase. Late focus on the implementation of the two provinces to capacity. First, Hebei, Hebei plans to go this year, 17 million 260 thousand tons of steel production capacity, iron and steel production capacity of 14 million 220 thousand tons, to focus on the task in the second half of the year. Look at the situation from the part of the steel mills, the fourth quarter of Hebei to capacity (production) will be implemented according to plan, is expected to affect the production of 250-350 tons. The two is Guangdong, although in Guangdong only plans to eliminate 2 million 400 thousand tons of production capacity, but in recent months it has added out of production capacity, new capacity is out of main frequency furnace, which is also reflected from one side of the range of intermediate frequency furnace in the future living space will become smaller and smaller. Secondly, the demand side, the overall demand for the fourth quarter will be stabilized to weak, which is mainly affected by the weak demand for real estate, other plate demand changes little. As a cyclical industry, the real estate industry has been the end of the cycle, to expand the cycle of decline. Real estate sales area growth has peaked, the latter will continue downward trend. In addition, the demand for steel has greater impact on the real estate area of the new growth rate also continued to decline, as of August growth rate fell to 3.26%. The new construction and development trend is not optimistic about the investment, will continue weak operation. Therefore, the fourth quarter of this year, real estate demand gradually weaken, to boost the price of steel will weaken with time to suppress the formation of prices. The infrastructure needs, while the fourth quarter of fiscal policy is expected to intensify, but the project is not real ground and start immediately to cash, either from the funds or from the potential, the infrastructure construction investment co.. So this year, the growth rate of investment in infrastructure will be relatively moderate, the basic between 10%-20%, the role of steel prices neutral. Overall, demand is steady to weak will make black metal prices gradually weakening. With the fourth quarter of Hebei to the production capacity (output) of Shun相关的主题文章: