The global women’s 9-Ball top players will gather in Mount Emei in December a new network will

The global women’s top players will gather in Mount Emei in December when a showdown – Beijing Beijing in Mount Emei on 15 November, (reporter Liu Zhongjun) 15 reporter learned from the 2016 women’s world 9-Ball Championship press conference, six continents women 9-Ball top beauty contestant will gather in Sichuan next December Mount Emei showdown. It is understood that China has more than 60 million billiards enthusiasts, in recent years in China has been rapid development and promotion. World Snooker women 9-Ball Championships due to a number of overseas players in beauty, known as the most beautiful sports events. It is the highest level of domestic Chinese, the largest and most influential international top billiards tournament, is a woman of nine projects at the top of the world. The women’s world 9-Ball championship, Liu Shasha, Han Yu, Chen Siming at the conference site. Photo by Liu Zhongjun "in the cloud? Verdant? As a beautiful woman. Her makeup" Mount Emei of the world’s highest level of competition, this is the Mount Emei to show the world natural and cultural features of her touching opportunity." Management center of the State Sports General Administration of ball sports minister, three China billiards association secretary general Wang Tao said, December 10, 2016 to 16 from the six continents of the women’s nine top players will gather in Mount Emei for a showdown, including popular stars Pan Xiaoting, three world champion Liu Shasha, European champions Sichun "cheetah", "little witch" Kim Ga Young, "destroy the Duchess" Alison fisher? WPA world ranked the top 16 players in the world championships, the total prize money of up to $170 thousand. Wu Xiaoyi, mayor of the Mount Emei Municipal People’s government, said that the world class sports events, to enhance the overall strength of Mount Emei tourism and sports, so that more people are concerned about the event and Mount Emei. The press conference, the women’s world 9-Ball Championship VI and mascot also officially unveiled the LOGO world 9-Ball championship to the billiard and the number 9 as the main form, through the rule of diffusion, a moment of performance kick-off visual impression, and dynamic melody. World 9-Ball Championship mascot "small nine" carefully selected with clever agile cat cartoon image, aesthetic elements blend modern popular and anthropomorphic design techniques, not only embodies the athlete’s courage first, A fighting spirit soars aloft. athletic style, and clever use of chest text to convey the characteristics of the project, a vivid interpretation of "wonderful and accurate 9-Ball Championships fashion, and had" the event of image. 2016 VI world 9-Ball Championship mascot design and officially unveiled. It is reported that the world championships also photographed by Liu Zhongjun, specially added "figures and events", "tourism and events" and other elements, through the VR (virtual reality) communication broadcasting, face recognition, raise public events such as derivatives of the full range of multi angle. (end)相关的主题文章: