The golden nine silvers ten autumn decoration acceptance. 7470d

The golden nine silver ten autumn decoration Raiders acceptance?? little difference in acceptance of autumn decoration and other seasons, were necessary to choose the formal decoration company for security. Drainage, circuit, wall, ceiling, furniture, wooden floor is six key project approval, shall be specified in the "acceptance criteria" residential decorative decoration, decoration companies can claim to. In addition, if the owners can have some tips for approval can be prepared, easy to deal with. The acceptance of the drainage pipeline? 1, the pipeline should be in line with the design requirements of the pipeline installation should be fixed firmly, no loose, faucet, valve installed flat, open flexible, smooth water, water meter running normally. By using the method of visual and feel the acceptance. ? 2, piping and equipment, piping and pipe joints should be no leakage. The method adopts water, visual and feel way to check for leaks. ?? 3, pipe installation shall not be close to the power, water and gas pipe spacing should be not less than 50mm, steel tape for inspection. ?? Electrical acceptance?? 1, after the completion of the project should be provided to line position size chart to the owners, and according to the above requirements by acceptance, for electrical wiring should be hidden in concealed works can be carried out before the owners acceptance. 2, facing the power socket of the fire line and zero line position for the right fire left zero, there is a hole in the socket, the ground jack should be the top position, grounding should be reliable. Switch socket should be installed firmly. Use visual and manual inspection methods, and whether using special tool wire, circuit testing test socket on the zero line and the ground position to meet the requirements. Tiling acceptance???? 1, wall mounting should be firm, smooth and clean, no leak with the wrong paste; the gap is uniform around the straight, the brick surface no cracks, missing edge off angle, the phenomenon, through the method of acceptance of natural light in the eye. ?? 2, with a small hammer on the wall all gently knocking, see there is no hollowing phenomenon. Ceiling acceptance? 1, ceiling installation should be solid, smooth surface, no pollution, broken, missing edges, off angle, hammer and other defects. There should be no delamination of the adhesive cover panel; the cover panel should not leak, penetration, and so on. ?? 2, the ceiling of the location should be accurate, all connections must be tightened to the main keel no bending, keel connection without obvious dislocation. The use of wooden ceiling, wooden keel should be carried out fire treatment, the installation of lamps and other objects in the location of fire treatment. ?? Wood acceptance?? and the closet hanging cabinet shape, structure and installation location should meet the design requirements. The framework should adopt the tenon structure (except blockboard). Surface should be smooth, there should be no burr and hammer printing, the use of veneer material, should be affixed to the formation of a solid, not degumming, corner can not stand up. The door should be installed firmly, flexible switch, mouth mouth position parallel with the film. Hardware installation is complete, firm and correct position, using the method of visual and feel the acceptance. The wooden floor?? acceptance?? wood floor surface should be clean and no contamination, planing polish, without top marks, digging stubble and burr phenomenon. A wooden grid spacing should be firm, shall comply with the requirements laid should be firm, not loose, walking the floor no sound. Between the floor and the wall should be left to the 10mm 8mm expansion slot, with visual and feel acceptance.相关的主题文章: