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The history of the most beautiful wine taster Liu Yan hot back brewmaster network Anniversary – Sohu in September 9th, brewmaster network chief sommelier, star Liu Yan back 9.9 brewmaster network wine carnival, in the event, Liu Yan in Chateau Lfite Rothschild brewmaster network wine tasting, wine knowledge building museum introduced by the International Master Sommelier sommelier Certification Council Ms. Hu Yi. Participate in 9· 9 staff birthday party. As brewmaster network chief sommelier, Liu Yan participated in the activities throughout the broadcast, causing a large number of fans exclaimed the history of the most beautiful wine tasting! For a period of more than 1 months of "dream sail" brewmaster network 7 anniversary celebration has been more than half, while the electricity supplier liquor "double eleven" – 9.9 brewmaster network wine Carnival also ushered in the third year. Brewmaster network started 9· since 2014; 9 wine carnival, with success, in 2015 was a record 300 million sales myth. This year, brewmaster network chairman Hao Hongfeng is announced that the activity duration will be more than 1 months, due to the expectations of all parties. The wine festival, attracted a large number of suppliers of concern, and get the active supply of ammunition. It is reported that the wine festival include more than and 100 wine enterprises such as Wuliangye, Luzhou Lao Jiao A number of A-share listed domestic well-known winery, together with the war, unprecedented, Remy Martin Cointreau enterprise representative is said at the launch ceremony, will actively participate in the activities, to speed up the progress of the wine enterprises net, together to create "9.9 brewmaster network wine carnival". The history of the most beautiful natural wine is the wine taster chief Festival fully deserve the protagonist, Shixian Taibai has used the "tulip wine shop, energy-saving" to praise the beauty of wine, can be a romantic fairy, but left a pot of wine among the flowers I drank alone the subtle bitter stuffy. Now that is a carnival, brewmaster network how will let you have to invite the moon to drink? The wine festival, brewmaster network invited the company chief sommelier Liu Yan full blast, process full live, with the majority of users to share the history of the most beautiful sommelier daily". In June this year, the brewmaster network employed with beautiful and sexy, and to have a deep research of the first-line star Liu Yan as brewmaster network chief sommelier, the history of the most beautiful flowers brewmaster network chief sommelier. Day of the event, Liu Yanxian and seven year employee photo, a symbol of the brewmaster network 7 years of history. And through the broadcast, and lead the users visited the exhibition and the liquor brewmaster network area. In the Chateau Lfite Rothschild Museum, the number of red wine tasting, and by the International Certification Council Master Sommelier sommelier Hu Yi introduced wine knowledge. After the end of the visit, Liu Yan came to the broadcast area, with the country’s in-depth interaction, the atmosphere reached its peak. Currently, the star + Internet model, because it can achieve a win-win situation, by the Internet circle and the entertainment industry blitz, but the lively scene and can not cover the problems behind it. Companies borrow the star effect, the star status of relying on franchise fame and fortune should not become the way of cooperation in-depth thinking obstacles. Many stars rush to join, use the net gimmick walk fishing gold star + Internet makes the connotation greatly. Different is, in accordance with the brewmaster network.相关的主题文章: