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The hot weather struck 4 diet to avoid the trap — Health Channel – original title: pay attention to avoid the 4 incoming hot autumn diet trap imperceptibly, we have spent the autumn of second: Chushu solar term. Although it’s autumn, but the autumn tiger is fierce, the temperature is still high, hot and humid weather makes people irritable and intolerable, so many people ignore the threat in the diet, a healthy diet imperceptibly fall into the trap. We will try to understand: eating too many sweets because of the hot weather, many people will have what appetite, do not eat well but many food and drink cold drinks, ice cream and so on, but it will cause a lot of harm. Excessive intake of sweets, will lead to excessive sugar, resulting in excess energy. Hot days and lazy, the energy consumption is not very easy, "the dog after three pounds of fat". Secondly, eating too many sweets can affect appetite and prevent people from eating more nutritious foods. Eat cold food on a hot day, people easily get Tanliang, many people think that the full air conditioning to eat popsicles or ice watermelon is a great luxury, but excessive Tanliang will damage the gastrointestinal function, and even lead to more susceptible in autumn and winter. Cold drink cold food will reduce gastrointestinal temperature, affect the secretion of gastric acid and digestive enzymes. Cold food will make the stomach irritation, cause digestive ability to add moisture and nutrients, causing diarrhea, gastroenteritis and other diseases. Eat too much cold food will make the gastric absorption capacity decreased, the digestive system reducing blood supply, poor heat dissipation, but feel more heat, more irritable. Poor nutrition because of poor appetite, many people will be in hot pursuit of light diet, eat something that drink porridge and vegetables and fruits can be refreshing and can clear the stomach, but no harm. Light diet is true, but the excessive pursuit of light, do not consume meat protein, will cause malnutrition, physical decline rapidly, weight loss, weight loss and fatigue, but easy to heat stroke, heat cold. Love barbecue barbecue string line string line with ice beer is the first choice for many people in the hot night when the barbecue, but with high temperature heating, easy to produce carcinogenic substances "heterocyclic amines", at the same time, to reduce the nutritional value of protein in high fever, abnormal amino acid crosslinking, and even degradation. Barbecue though delicious, but the best control number, every month can eat one or two times to snack, try to avoid eating barbecue. (Gao Yinan, right: the commissioning editor Juan)相关的主题文章: