The Jaguar together drops, XFL free test drive in zghd

The Jaguar together drops, XFL free test drive of your workers still gazed at the full subway, crowded bus and sigh, love just ironed suit? The new Jaguar XFL drops, from November 5th to December 5th, the new Jaguar XFL test drive activities in full swing in Guangzhou. Guangzhou drops users only need to make an appointment to the Guangzhou Tianhe Pearl River Metro High German land & in the mobile phone; IFC, Tianhe Road Taikoo Hui & CITIC Plaza, Guangzhou road or Automobile Co. Ltd, we can leisurely wait for the new Jaguar XFL door Jiejia, enjoy a free test drive, open your journey down the exclusive line of the. An elegant and clever new Jaguar XFL on the road in Guangzhou speeding, has become a beautiful landscape of Guangzhou. As the Jaguar’s new style sports business car XFL, with its extraordinary space and design won the praise of numerous. In this event, XFL with its superior driving performance and driving experience captured the hearts. Streamlined body contours, raised lines on the hood, iconic J-Blade LED daytime running lights, a glimpse of XFL’s Jaguar lineage. The new Jaguar XFL designers cleverly lengthened wheelbase into the smooth body curve, so that the body of the XFL long and dynamic. The details of the design of air purification technology, InControl intelligent leading touch system, panoramic sunroof, airfoil headrest, furniture and other business technology and humanized nanoe car, XFL car of choice for a generation of young business elite. And its equipped with Merdian sound system for the car passengers to bring the ultimate hearing experience. When grace notes flowing from Merdian audio system with 17 speakers to create a 825 watt sound quality and delicate, XFL instantly incarnation of mobile opera, so that every passenger exclusive comparable to West London opera perfect sound.   when XFL is really on the road, the Jaguar brand in the side of the campaign was completely inspired. Aluminum intelligent framework to enhance the rigid body to reduce body quality at the same time, with the double wishbone suspension system from F-TYPE front suspension and multi link rear suspension, bring excellent sense of control for XFL. Jaguar XFL will be able to accelerate the speed of one hundred kilometers to 6 seconds of the 3 liter V6 supercharged aluminum engine, but also to show confidence in the strength of XFL sports. Busy life is difficult to highlight the personality of the self, but in the vast sea of cars, an elegant XFL can make you stand out immediately. Test drive the new Jaguar XFL, elegant taste of life experience. At present, the activities are still hot, scan two-dimensional code directly into the official website of the Jaguar or drop test drive area, you can get a valuable opportunity to test drive XFL, what are you waiting for, drops, leopard hair immediately.   Jaguar Land Rover authorized dealer of Guangzhou core area Guangfo road Sales Service Co. Ltd. address: Liwan District Longxi road Guangzhou City No. 297 Tel: 020-81670599相关的主题文章: