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The knight visited the White House Obama met by James Wong ridicule Jersey Knight visited the White House to tear sina sports news Beijing time on November 11th, according to U.S. media reports, NBA defending champion Cleveland by President Obama at the White House today. Washington today is sunny, the Cavaliers players, coaches and managers of wearing a dress to the White House, and waiting for the United States President Obama. Obama, accompanied by Vice President of the United States, as well as the Cavaliers boss Dan – Gilbert, came to the White House lawn ceremony of the scene on the spot, accompanied by the U.S. Vice President of the United States, and the Cavaliers, the owner of the team, accompanied by the owner of the White House, mr.. Speech, Obama recalled the Cavaliers in the course of the championship last season, especially in the finals after the completion of the reversal of adversity 1-3. "I want to make a world champion and Cleveland in the same sentence. When we talk about hope and change, we talk about it." Obama said. Obama, a loyal fan of the bulls, added: "I have to add that, by defeating the warriors, they have consolidated the position of the bulls as the best team in 1996." At the same time, as a hand piece of Obama also did not forget to take the Cavaliers players joking, he talked about those twitter intriguing James, Kevin – Loew in the seventh finals of the defense, JR in the championship celebrations in the upper part of the body and shampoo for girlfriend shirtless, children and so on. Speaking of JR, Obama said he was not sure if JR would wear a T-shirt to the white house. Interestingly, JR received a video at the white house before being interviewed by Obama, revealing that he was wearing a T-shirt and preparing to give it to Obama. Finally, Kevin – Loew on behalf of the Cavaliers gave a piece of Obama 16 (2016), printed with the name of the Cavaliers jerseys, the name of the team in the name of the team of the United States and the United states. After receiving this shirt, Obama joked about James. "This clothes sleeve looks a bit tight, I can put them away?" Obama Wen Leff. Last season, James was torn off in the game’s sleeve shirt. "I’ll show you how to tear the sleeves." James answered Obama. (Rosen)相关的主题文章: