The man was mistaken for the thief was beaten a Wenchang network critically ill pregnant wife and tw shishangqiyi

The man was mistaken for the thief was beaten a Wenchang network critically ill pregnant wife and two baby stolen money management duty, the transfer of control to identify the thief "thief", with an iron bar is a beaten Wenchang man innocent skull was dying in the hospital was cracked to play games in the net bar, was suddenly from a blow on the head behind bars, resulting in multiple skull fractures remain unconscious, has not yet been through a dangerous period. November 14th, the injured Wei Chenghe in the town on the slope of an Internet cafe was beaten beaten admission. It turned out that the suspect Hwang mistake Wei Chenghe as a thief, claiming to be the wrong person". Currently, Hwang has been detained, the case is still under investigation. – the Southern Metropolis Daily reporter Wang Yuwen Wei to chart injured lying in the hospital he still remain unconscious, not out of the woods. Internet cafes, rather baffling beaten 17 PM, in Wenchang City People’s hospital intensive care room, the injured Wei Chenghe lying in bed on the oxygen tube breathing hard, her mother had tears. According to the victim’s father Wei Youtian memories, 11 point 14 at noon, he received a strange phone, said his son was beaten unconscious on the Internet, the person claiming to be a webmaster. "When I got the call, I rushed to the hospital. The doctor was trying to save him, then he was sent to the operation room." Wei Youtian said. For his son was beaten, Wei Youtian told reporters a video. Video display, wearing a light blue short sleeved men riding a black car, went to a cafe door, he saw no one around, then took out a piece of about one meter long stick, hiding behind the back into the cafe. Another video shows the man lifted the bars continuously onto the ground, each hit a very hard. "The son is lying on the ground, he is very heavy." Wei Youtian said that he did not know the man and his son have much hatred against his son’s head is a meal too hard, the skull was broken into 3 pieces, the son lying in the hospital now, still no danger. The skull fracture, hospital 3 times under critical condition notice on the same day, the reporter learned from the hospital, the injured Wei Chenghe in addition to brain injury, with central respiratory failure. The hospital has 3 critical notices, treatment can do have all done." Wei Youtian said. According to reports, Wei Chenghe’s parents have been over sixty years, he had two children, 3 years old daughter, son and a half years old. Wei Chenghe’s wife is pregnant, a few months of production. "Know son dying after the news, my daughter-in-law, my wife was completely paralyzed, not knowing what to do, a lot of tears." Wei Youtian said, this sudden shock and a dying notice, the family every day immersed in tears. Wei Youtian told reporters after the incident, the suspect Hwang was arrested the same day. Huang’s parents have to visit the hospital into the hospital, 17, Hwang parents sent $5000 treatment. "They kneel down to request us to forgive." Wei Youtian said, but the thought of his son has not yet passed the dangerous period, he can not forgive.相关的主题文章: