The release of the beta version of pure electric cars in the SUV close to the production (video) ca1816

The release of the BETA version of pure electric cars in the SUV near production [Abstract] Xiaopeng car officially released the first car – car Xiaopeng version of BETA, its positioning as a pure electric SUV. In September 13th, Li car officially released the first car – car Xiaopeng version of BETA, its positioning as a pure electric SUV. Although it is still a prototype car, but the whole car 90% of the design is close to mass production, this year it will officially enter the small batch production stage. It is reported that the new car to 2017 years before the production of 100 units, by the end of 2018 to reach production of 20 thousand units. On the release of the BETA version car Xiaopeng appearance, car Xiaopeng BETA version with a new design, the original degree is very high, the simple design is smooth and clean. The new car headlights, interior looks great sense of technology, design no grille is reminiscent of the Tesla Model 3, but they are quite different in design. Positioning pure electric SUV car body, the car uses a black A column, B column and window profile design, combined with eye-catching five spoke wheels, the entire side is very fashionable. The side is very fashionable tail, the same car design is very simple, but it is equipped with LED light taillights or bright spots, is consistent with the identity of new energy vehicles. The tail is in line with the identity of new energy vehicles of the new car assessment network experience the first car electric car interior Xiaopeng Xiaopeng, the pure electric SUV is equipped with a 15.6 inch large screen intelligent control and 12.3 inch LCD instrument, very simple, cool. In addition, touch control, vehicle real-time traffic map navigation, 360 degree panoramic image, the roof and the interior HD video, online music, voice interaction, independent instrument information customization features are integrated into the screen. Intelligent driving, the new car also supports the realization of low speed follow, automatic parking, remote call and other functions. The car interior BETA about the battery, Xiaopeng gearbox, chassis, car version of BETA Xiaopeng has reached the level of production, the future will also launch two drive and four-wheel drive version optional. Power, the car Xiaopeng BETA version with a Samsung 18650 battery, high energy density of 152Wh kg, more than tesla. In addition, the 0-100km car h acceleration time was 7.9 seconds (two drive version) and 5.8 seconds (four-wheel drive version), mileage (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) reached 300km. Background: Xiaopeng automobile automobile enterprises Xiaopeng was formally established in Guangzhou in 2014 April 2015 to produce the first cart (using Lexus NX (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) framework for testing), before and after the 5 test car a total of 500 thousand kilometers of road test. Subsequent to the end of 2015, 2 in the 1 review Xiaopeng car styling design completed, frozen. In March 2016, Xiaopeng announced A round of financing has been completed, earned a total of more than $100 million in loans and investments. At the same time, the car Xiaopeng set up a design center in Shanghai, Guangzhou R & D center and other institutions. Copyright statement: This article is an exclusive copy of Tencent automobile, copyright for all Tencent cars..相关的主题文章: