The same level of high-profile seckill opponent, Benz e class is not to go ah – car Sohu

The same level of high-profile seckill opponent, Benz E class is not to go ah – Sohu automobile new E strong landing in public, regardless of shape or interior all give consumers a big surprise. The other view of its configuration and feel a sense of luxury properly small, far more than the Mercedes Benz C class, just do not give the same level of opponent out. So let’s have a look! Appearance: in front of the front of the new car is more scientific and technological sense, compared to the previous generation of E more beautiful. The most prominent is the lamp, the new E is the standard LED headlamps, with 84 LED can be adjusted independently 100 times per second, scan the road. I hope Audi can give it a little trouble, if no one to compete, we do not like! Six spoke wheels are particularly beautiful, wheel size than the previous generation of 18 inch, let it become particularly eye-catching. There is an obvious change in the car, especially the wheelbase growth is very obvious, the growth of 140mm, so you can make the passenger space becomes larger. In addition, some in the tail of the rearview mirror fog lights and other small change, want to see the interior of these you can scarcely wait a couple of! Visible in appearance had not lost the same level of E level, is now more like a duck! Interior: can only think of a word to describe, luxury! This is the E class? This is obviously S ah! And S is exactly the same. The LCD panel 12.3 inch LCD screen and luxurious, clear display and rich information, also on the four round collocation air outlet, luxurious feeling overwhelmed. There may be no comparison we can not feel it’s luxury, then to compare, look at the interior of the BMW 5 series. There is no contrast there is no harm, it does not seem to be a good level! Into the Mercedes Benz E class inside, it is no exaggeration to say, just like sitting in the car of a million, the luxury of feeling the same level of street. Configuration: if there is no strong configuration support, and then the luxury of the interior can not retain the hearts of consumers. The voice of Berlin high-end 3D surround sound system, to bring you the most beautiful love feast! The whole car is equipped with a 360 degree corner ring shadow, panoramic sunroof, configuration models at the same level is definitely one of the best performance. If elected to high E300L, completely can be affixed to the S3 logo on your tail, innocently tell. Space: the performance does not lose the same level of opponents, extended version of the space to fully meet the needs of the people for space. Power: in terms of power, compared with the previous generation has also made significant progress. The same as 2.0T, in power and torque have been promoted. If it is 3.0T that would not need to question the momentum, with the narrow width of the wheel before the layout, Mercedes Benz is not only used to sit, but also to open the! Of course you are most concerned about the price, see a price which is not ready to have? !相关的主题文章: