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The State Council next year to carry out the second national census sources of pollution – Sohu news of the State Council on the second national census sources of pollution notice in 2016 provinces, 59 autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, ministries and agencies directly under the State Council: "according to the provisions of the national pollution source census regulations", the State Council decided in 2017 to carry out the second national census sources of pollution. The relevant issues are notified as follows: first, the purpose and significance of the census is a major national pollution census survey, is the basic work of environmental protection. To carry out the second national census sources of pollution, grasp the distribution of the number of pollution sources and industries and regions, understand the main pollutant generation, discharge and treatment, establishing files for key pollution sources, pollution source information database and environmental statistics platform for accurately judging the current environmental situation in China, the formulation and Implementation of the economic and social development and environmental protection policy, planning, improving environmental quality, accelerate the construction of ecological civilization, has important significance to complete the ecological environment fully completed short board well-off society. Two, census objects and contents of the census object is the source of pollution within the People’s Republic of China unit and self-employed households. Scope: industrial pollution sources, agricultural pollution sources, domestic pollution sources, centralized pollution control facilities, mobile sources and other facilities for the generation and discharge of pollutants. The contents of the survey include the basic information of the objects, the types and sources of pollutants, the generation and discharge of pollutants, the construction and operation of pollution control facilities, etc.. The specific scope and content of the survey, determined by the State Council approved the census program. Three, the timing of the census census standard point for December 31, 2017, period data for the year 2017. The fourth quarter of 2016 to the end of 2017 for the census preparatory stage, focusing on the preparation of the census program, census work, as well as publicity and training pilot. 2018 as a comprehensive survey stage, the organization to carry out the census, through the formation of a comprehensive audit review census database, by the end of the census. 2019 in order to summarize the release phase, focusing on census work acceptance, data collection and results of the release of the work. Four, the census organization and the implementation of a nationwide pollution source census, involving a wide range of departments involved in the census, the task is heavy, high technical requirements, the work is difficult. All regions and departments shall organize and carry out the census in accordance with the principle of "unified leadership of the country, division of labor among the departments, the responsibility of local levels and the participation of all parties.". At the same time, according to the information sharing and austerity requirements, the relevant departments to make full use of existing statistics, monitoring and special investigations and other related information, reference and adoption of relevant national economic census, the agricultural census results. To strengthen the organization and leadership, the State Council decided to set up the second national pollution source census leading group, responsible for the leadership and coordination of the national pollution source census. The leading group office is located in the environmental protection department, responsible for the daily work of the census. Leading group member units to coordinate the implementation of the work in accordance with their respective responsibilities. Local people above the county level.相关的主题文章: