The strong yen has become a major threat to Andouble’s Economics-norton disk doctor

The strength of the yen has become a major threat to Andouble economics of U.S. stock market center: exclusive offer full industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants of U.S. stocks Sina 12 GMT – Japanese officials more and more strongly expressed their concern against the yen soaring, the currency has become a strong new presentation of Andouble economics the threat of. The yen dollar exchange rate approaching the highest point in fifteen months, we tend to worry that this will weaken the competitiveness of Japanese exports, resulting in overseas profits of Japanese companies has shrunk after conversion. The weak profit outlook will also affect the ongoing wage negotiations. The price of imports is low, and the BoJ’s inflation war will also suffer. The group of seven and the group of twenty have reached a consensus that there is no hope for sudden dramatic changes in the market." Treasury Secretary Taro Aso said in Tokyo on Friday that there was a very strong market in FX markets. We will continue to observe the FX market with a sense of urgency and respond appropriately when necessary." The strength of the yen has become a major heart of Japan official in Japan have market interference problems, Asou refused to comment in the morning New York time transaction, once the yen fell short. Japanese officials repeatedly talked about the yen market this week, and Vice Finance Minister Asakawa Atsugu warned Thursday that he was watching closely for any speculation. However, these remarks do not seem to have any effect on the yen’s performance on Friday, which is still going all the way. Outside the financial markets, the real economy is healthy, and corporate profits are at record levels, Japanese officials say. "The fundamentals of Japan are strong." Asou said, "recently, the market is too pessimistic.". The government will not be shaken by the market. We are communicating with G7 and other partners, considering domestic and foreign factors, and we want to focus on strengthening private sector demand." G20 countries are meeting in Shanghai later this month, and finance ministers are expected to discuss how to deal with current market volatility. (Zi Jin) editor in chief: Li Wu SF053

日元强势已成为安倍经济学重大威胁 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   新浪美股北京时间12日讯 日本官员越来越强烈地表达着他们对日元汇率飞涨的担心,这种货币新呈现的强势已经成为对安倍经济学的威胁。   日元对美元汇率迫近十五个月最高点,大家容易担心这会削弱日本出口竞争力,导致日本企业海外利润换算后缩水。疲软的利润前景还会影响当前正在进行的工资谈判。进口商品价格因此低廉,日本央行的通货膨胀之战也将遭遇不利。   “七国集团和二十国集团已经达成共识,大家都不希望市场发生剧烈的突然变化。”财政大臣麻生太郎周五在东京表示,“汇市出现了非常剧烈的行情。我们将怀抱着紧迫感持续观察汇市,必要时做出适当反应。” 日元强势已经成为日本官方的重大心病   面对日本是否已经干涉市场的问题,麻生拒绝发表评论——在纽约时间上午的交易当中,日元曾经短暂下滑。日本官员本周再三谈论过日元的行情,副财政大臣浅川雅嗣周四警告说,他正在密切关注任何的投机动作。   然而,这些言论对于日元周五的表现似乎并无任何影响,后者依然一路走强。   日本官员称,其实在金融市场之外,真实经济是健康的,企业利润处于创纪录的高水平。   “日本经济基本面很强势。”麻生说,“最近,市场是过于悲观了。政府不会因市场的行情而动摇。我们正在与G7和其他方面的伙伴沟通,考虑国内和国外的各种因素,我们希望致力于强化私营部门的需求。”   G20国家本月晚些时候将在上海举行会议,各国财长们预计将讨论如何应对当前的市场波动。(子衿) 责任编辑:李兀 SF053相关的主题文章: