The typhoon catfish Ming or the front landing Quanzhou city schools closed for 3 days magicq

The typhoon "catfish" Ming or the front landing Quanzhou city schools closed for 3 days the typhoon path news network September 27th seventeenth typhoon this year, "catfish" to strengthen the strong typhoon, yesterday 17 when the center is located 21.6 degrees north latitude, 125.8 degrees east longitude, is from Taiwan in Taitung city of East South direction 495 kilometers northwest of the Pacific Ocean on the wind near the center 14. Is expected to "catfish" 27 noon, landing in central Taiwan, through Taiwan after approaching Fujian province will be at 28 am in the morning to Huian to Zhangpu along the coastal areas of Quanzhou may be the front landing. Yesterday morning, the provincial, city defense defense held the 17 typhoon "catfish" video conference, the deployment of the current typhoon prevention work, the province, Shifang Zhi were to start anti typhoon emergency response grade. Last night, the Quanzhou municipal Party committee secretary Zheng Xincong, mayor Kang Tao to the city to inspect and guide the defense typhoon No. seventeenth, and further work arrangements. City leaders Lin Junqi, Lin Wanming, and Xiao Hanhui attended the meeting. In the video conference, mayor Kang Tao and Nanan, Huian, Anxi, Yongchun, Dehua and several other counties for video conferences, point to point to the implementation of inspection over the typhoon defense work, and put forward specific guidance. Party secretary Zheng Xincong for the defense of the work to catch in place, put forward three suggestions: one is not afraid of hard work, continuous operations, the implementation of those who can not see, think, not to place; two is the management, keep every defense prepared to meet the challenge, and each part; three is the responsibility of the implementation of the implementation of a pledge, Military orders are like a mountain., again implement. [Quanzhou] "catfish" weather intensity bigger today It’s raining and blowing hard. "catfish" after landing in Taiwan will be weakened, but combined with the southwest monsoon clouds because of its huge, the structure is more loose, a relatively large, regardless of where the landing site, or by the influence of surrounding wind and rain, so the superposition effect also need to guard against disasters. Yesterday afternoon, the coast of Quanzhou has been a gust of 8~9, night gust to 9~11 level. Quanzhou meteorological observatory issued a typhoon yellow warning signal yesterday, is expected to be affected by the typhoon, 27, ~28, Quanzhou coastal gusts up to 12~14 level, the wind will be significantly reduced during the day 29. It is expected that the city will have 27 heavy rain, local heavy rain, the city’s heavy rain, local heavy rain, 29, the city is still heavy rain to rainstorm, please pay attention to the prevention of. On the morning of 28 is expected to Quanzhou coastal landing, coincides with the climax period (28 days in the morning 10 when, during the coast will appear before and after) 50~120 cm of the storm surge, is likely to occur upstream flood peak with the sea, the climax of overlapping backwater phenomenon caused by waterlogging disaster. Serious impact on 27 ~29 days in Quanzhou city will once again by the typhoon, and may cause disaster superposition effect and "Meranti" disaster areas, the need to pay attention to prevent the typhoon heavy rainfall may lead to secondary disasters in urban and rural area floods, mudslides and landslides, Shan Hong etc.. [Defense] Quanzhou city schools closed eight park park closed on September 27th to 29, all of the city’s universities, schools, kindergartens and various training courses for all.相关的主题文章: