The wife of the family more money kasey chase

The wife of the family more money? Who is the master of family financial winning is relatively large? Although the situation is different in every family, but more than a decade to come down, a lot of money in his wife’s family, often relatively healthy financial situation, this is a very interesting thing." Nanjing Financial Association Secretary General Nan Xiaopeng told the "securities" reporter, because women are higher than men for robust care, comfort requirements and learning enthusiasm for family financial management, so a lot of money more wealthy family wife. "You are responsible to support the family, I am responsible for the icing on the cake" in the traditional sense, the wife is responsible for the financial management of daily life, the daily household expenses have a right to decide, but her husband was for a family’s long-term life and work, with considerable discretion of investment. However, now many women are no longer satisfied with "you are responsible to support the family and I am responsible for my beauty", but to enhance the financial skills stem from the "perfect". Nan Xiaopeng told the "securities" reporter, "I have a very familiar friends have their own independent financial planner, the financial weekly class training studio, paid for a customer, I have to help lesson, found her customers almost all women." It is already the two baby pretty mother Zhang told the securities reporter, although it is a full-time wife, but not the slightest delay in financial matters. Ms. Zhang university is the school of accounting, after graduation in a foreign trade enterprise for a long time, due to have born two baby, plus her husband is a business executive, home conditions are good, so he quit his job. But at the same time with the baby at home, she did not idle, no income at least the existing property management well, some spare cash on hand always wanted to do that in recent years the stock market investment, no financial income also plummeted, the house is on fire, I began to study, to buy a house must buy hot spots, at the beginning of last year I judge, the river west of house prices to rise, because no matter from the surrounding facilities or regional development are very promising, so to buy a house and husband to discuss, he also does not agree with me at first, for a long time grinding mouth to listen to me, you look up how much this year!" Super sensitive financial men, love pondering financial routines Nan Xiaopeng told the "securities" reporter, female financial sensitivity on the whole more than men, and more than and 10 years of experience also shows that a lot of money wife family, often relatively healthy financial condition. He said that women are natural risk rejection, which is far less than the number of Chinese female investors reason, so the probability of significant investment losses are lower. The nature of the risk of men, often easy to fall into a variety of pits, but there is an exception, that is, after the age of the increase, because the young men in the pit more than the fall, but after the old investment experience increased significantly. Women have a little money in the middle ages, courage, the opportunity to fall off the pit than when many young. So the elderly, the old man than the gullible." In addition, women’s comfort requirements for the family is higher than men, so the wife tend to buy money in the house, upgrade awareness and action to improve the room is higher than men. Moreover, women are often the main source of family income, job stress is relatively less than men, so there is more time to study the financial management of various routines. While men prefer to study how short-term fast.相关的主题文章: