The woman is the most easily jealous, look at you yuria

The woman is the most easily jealous, look at you? Source: woman to help women see her husband and another woman talking about working together, you are jealous or inner calm? For a man’s jealousy will make more happy feelings, or crisis? Recently, a French magazine "women" behind the gender experts interpret the jealous please. Desire possession. A woman with a strong sense of exclusivity, in the marriage, is the desire to have the exclusive right to their own men, and become the only desire and interest in the heart of the object. Fear of losing. A woman is afraid because of the third party which I was no longer love. In fact, in many cases, the third does not exist, just worry too much lead to jealousy, anxiety and fear. Influenced by environment. The woman is not inherently jealous. If you are born in a harmonious family environment, women are not easy to have a sense of distrust. But if the parents divorced due to infidelity, so children will likely become suspicious increase. In addition, the experience of love will also affect the size of jealousy: betrayal, ex boyfriend handsome to peach blossom constantly, will let the woman go on the road of jealousy. Fear of losing confidence. A woman who thinks she is ugly and boring will probably think she doesn’t like men. And she is skeptical about her partner’s loyalty. In a marriage, the appropriate jealous can attract each other’s attention, can also promote exchanges between the two sides, no big deal. However, when the vinegar jar overturned, jealous, you should be careful. If because of jealous and stomachache, insomnia and discomfort, also turned partner’s pockets, see mobile phone short message, may influence the feelings of both sides, marriage was hurt. More exciting content please pay attention to Sina micro-blog (female)相关的主题文章: