To earn hundreds of dollars to get a driver’s license for sales of Xiamen six selling points were de

To earn hundreds of dollars to get a driver’s license for sales of Xiamen six selling points were detained – Xiamen Beijing News (reporter correspondent Huang Huang Lin Feng) to earn a few hundred dollars to the driver’s license points to intermediary, go to the traffic police to deal with illegal recording window impostor. Who knows the intermediary for the driving license is false, the results are seen through the police. 8 days to 12 days, Siming Police Brigade seized 6 illegal processing window to sell the driver. This 6 per capita is tzengtsu border police detention. 8 on the morning of 11 pm, Siming Police Brigade illegal processing window staff found that the license plate number of Fujian DLP61* sedan has a record illegal record 6 points, with driver Li Moukai driving license application processing when the font is wrong, card number and registration system core is not consistent, forged. Li Moukai admitted that he was selling points. Siming Police Brigade police continue to verify the history of Fujian DLP61* illegal records, found the driver Lin Mian also in the group treated illegal records (3 records recorded a total of 8 points), the investigation, which provides the driving license is forged. 8 pm, Hwang seconds and hit the muzzle, but also to deal with the window of Fujian DLP61* a record of illegal records of 6 points, holding a forged driving license. Ten minutes later, another person to sell Feng Moushan, to help the car license plate number min D003Q* deal with a record of 2 minutes of illegal records, was also found to have a fake driving license. Feng Moushan said, to provide for his driving license is just out of a second yellow. Huang et al. Second they confessed to 150 yuan per minute to 180 yuan price, the driver’s license to score intermediary, driving license is provided by the intermediary, they don’t know is false. See his deeds, intermediary away, mobile phone also shut down. Finally sold the money did not earn, but also detained. 9 days and 12 days, and the traffic police brigade Siming seized with a similar case. Transferred tzengtsu border by the investigation, the parties were sentenced to administrative detention.相关的主题文章: