To look at the ugly! What words can not say to her boyfriend adobe gamma

To look at the ugly! What never told her boyfriend when we watch the animation works, some of the heroine is often playfully love men to die, but particularly vicious mouth. This property also leads to "playfully ruined life". Therefore, in reality, as a girlfriend, there are some definitely can not say to her boyfriend. In this regard, the Japanese media recently conducted a survey. Look – boyfriend. "What ‘this thing do not know?" "You don’t know that?" Such words. This kind of words can hurt a man’s self-esteem." Secretary of state (28) "what are you saying? And so on. I said to her boyfriend, he says." (29 other designers) – like other men compared with others "home with her boyfriend home to compare. Men hate the contrast." (29 years old), "what do other men do?". This statement is absolutely taboo." (25 other full-time) – say "bad mouthing other parents ill mother. It makes the other person have a feeling of being denied." (Department of transportation, 23 years old). As a result, the other side also thought that he was fundamentally denied." (29 year old software technology jobs) – it is a man…… "It’s obviously a man.". There’s nothing that a man has to do." (31 years of medical affairs) "obviously a man". After all, if the other person says’ obviously you are a woman, but… ‘ , you will not be upset, right?" (29 years full-time school) – said the negative words hurt "no man. It can hurt a man’s self-esteem." (25 year old insurance Department) said that men can not be used. It would hurt his pride." (27 years full-time medical) – criticize each other’s appearance "said his hair a little. This is not easy to say." (25 years old) "what to say". It’s not something that can be changed by hard work." (33 year old real estate professionals) Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime works相关的主题文章: