To prevent the explosion of mobile phones will be equipped with U.S. airlines fire bag winpm

In order to prevent the fire and explosion of American Airlines mobile phone will be equipped with fire bags Sina Technology News Beijing time on October 14th morning news in order to prevent the lithium battery of mobile equipment overheating during the flight, endanger the safety of navigation, the major airlines have started a fire in a bag on the plane, the portable electronic equipment placed overheating. According to the The Associated Press, Alaska airlines and American airlines have been equipped with fire bags for their fleet. The bright red plastic bag is made of refractory material, which can be used for placing portable electronic equipment when the lithium battery is overheating or burning. The airline also said that plans to use the fire bag, it can withstand high temperature of 3200 degrees Fahrenheit. Samsung Note 7 smartphone accident highlights the threat posed by overheating equipment. Earlier this month, a Southwest Airlines flight was forced to evacuate passengers. The FAA advises travelers to travel and do not open their Galaxy Note 7, also do not charge for it, so as to avoid fire or explosion, a few weeks later, the Samsung Corp announced that due to defects in dozens of mobile phone battery explosion or fire accident, the mobile phone is permanently out of the city. In the past 25 years, the Federal Aviation Administration (Federal Aviation Administration) recorded a total of 129 cases with the battery smoke, overheating or explosion in cargo or passenger luggage related accidents. The bureau pointed out that in 2016 so far there have been 23 accidents, and in 2015 the total number of accidents is only 15. (Si Mei)相关的主题文章: