Treatment of 21 tobacco control complaints – Environmental Protection — during the Na kairui

Treatment of 21 tobacco control complaints – Environmental Protection — original title: during the National Day National Day period dealt with 21 cases of complaints to tobacco control for Beijing residents and tourists who can really enjoy Beijing good smoke-free environment, Beijing tobacco control volunteers use "eleven" holiday to carry out tobacco control advocacy and inspection activities. BYD reporters yesterday from the Beijing Municipal Tobacco Control Association was informed that more than 60 volunteers during the holidays of 211 restaurants, bars and other inspections, handled 21 complaints, was posted to identify substandard units posted no smoking signs 507. Smoke Beijing WeChat public complaints and "smoking a map" is the main channel for volunteers complaints clues. In the inspections, the volunteers of illegal smoking in public places personnel promptly discouraged, found cigarette butts on the ground to clean up. On the smoke-free Beijing public number received in the illegal smoking complaints, volunteers rushed to the scene to verify and help improve. Chaoyang District tobacco control volunteers Liu Li told reporters BYD, during the national day he is responsible for the control of Chaoyang District complaints are mainly concentrated in the billiard room, bars and other entertainment venues and restaurants etc.. Relatively speaking, increasing complaints about restaurant than usual, this was also during the National Day dinner, eating out the increase in the number of relevant ", Liu Li said," the complaint handling difficult in some places, such as the Olympic Park and the bird’s nest, places a large area, there is a bar at night, place of business, to volunteer and supervision of law enforcement personnel work difficult". (commissioning editor Sun Hongli and Wu Zhenguo)相关的主题文章: