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Trump was elected in the United States? Anti Trump demonstrators smashed Chinese shops – Sohu [news observer network] November 13th, Donald? Trump was elected the new president has been four days, according to the U.S. website Nextshark said, the current situation of the American Society of color is not friendly — Trump was elected the four days since, Asian Americans have been released them this few days harassment story in social media. On the 9 day, dozens of areas of the United States including New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Portland, Austen, Seattle, Washington, San Francisco, Losangeles, the outbreak of demonstrations, Trump will move into the White House expressed shock and anger. The protesters bombarded Trump for immigrants, Muslims and other groups discriminatory remarks, and he vows to split the country policies against the end. Part of the Oakland riot scene, protests by local police identified as riots, and even turned into a clash with police. Riot scene, according to foreign media reports, some protesters put the focus of anger on the Chinese people, on the local Chinatown of many buildings were painted and smashed. In Trump’s view of these opponents, the Chinese vote will be sent to the presidency of Trump. According to the Georgia media reports, in the U.S. presidential election, the Chinese American voters enthusiasm, many Chinese groups have chosen to support Trump, established the Trump campaign, buy advertising, parades, donations, canvassing, support him all the way, the number of Chinese to vote on election day, is 3 times the last election. October 15th to November 8th, Trump’s Chinese supporters also rented a small plane, across the United States dozens of cities over the banner: Chinese support for Trump". With the increase in Chinese people’s influence, Trump after winning some of his opponents dissatisfaction that Hilary defeated Chinese reason. Coupled with the original existence of individual ethnic discrimination, the recent local Chinese have repeatedly been discriminated against and abuse. In addition to Trump’s opponents, Trump’s supporters since after the election will also choose Chinese Americans and other people of color as the object of attack, even walking on the street would often suffer from undue abuse: "go back to Chinese!" In this regard, CNN analysts believe that Trump rekindled the fire of racism. In November 10th, CNN published an article entitled "post election report: racist slogans and hate crimes" of the article, the article said, successfully elected the new president of the United States after Trump, extreme prejudice and hate crimes are becoming a reality, whether it is black, Muslim, Latino, and Asian, all to a certain extent by the racism and hate crimes. WeChat public number, Montreal, Canada, Mengcheng Hui network (ID:mengchenghuiwang) will be posted some of the Chinese netizens have been attacked by the experience of finishing. "My cousin grew up in the United States, he passed New York spy parade trump, called" go back to your country, Chinese! "" "I’m in Germany"相关的主题文章: