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Lionrock is now landing northeast society people.com.cn original title: Lionrock is now landing northeast yesterday afternoon, the reporter from the China Meteorological Bureau, the tenth typhoon this year, "Lion Rock" yesterday evening in Japan before and after the northeast along the coastal areas, is expected early this morning in the northeast of China. And then weaken the degeneration of extratropical cyclone. Affected by the typhoon, the greater part of Northeast China and Eastern Inner Mongolia today and tomorrow there is a strong wind and rain. It is reported that affected by the extratropical cyclones and the "Lion Rock", from August 29th to September 2nd, Northeast China, Eastern Inner Mongolia, Eastern Shandong Peninsula has 4 ~ 6 winds, gusts of 7 to 8; Bohai, Bohai Strait, the Yellow Sea big sea area, north of the East China Sea will have 7 ~ 8 level, a gust of wind 9 ~ 10 of the winds. In terms of rainfall, Eastern Heilongjiang, Jilin and Liaoning, Eastern Inner Mongolia, heavy rain, Eastern Heilongjiang, Eastern Jilin, northeastern parts of Liaoning have heavy rain, local heavy rain, the cumulative rainfall of 30 to 60 mm, the northeast part of the eastern region can reach 80 ~ 120 mm, where rainfall is 150 ~ 200 Bureau mm. Strong wind and rain affected the main period is August 29th to September 1st night. 29 days afternoon, "Lion Rock" periphery nephsystem in Jilin Province, heavy rain in Yanbian, Hunchun, Tumen and other places have been ahead of the transfer of hazardous areas 2146 people, for some counties in primary and secondary schools. > > the typhoon is not common in Northeast China is one of the countries affected by the typhoon, especially in the coastal areas of Southern China and southeast coastal areas, there are a lot of people think that the typhoon is the exclusive. But in fact, the northeast region will also be affected by the special weather system affected by typhoons, and bring serious impact of wind and rain. According to the China Meteorological Bureau of the relevant experts, in general, the summer tropical cyclone in the northeast of China is rare, because the Northeast high latitudes, when typhoon through the Yellow Sea and Bohai area, has been unable to provide enough sea water vapor, severe wind and westerlies have cut, will enable the system soon turn into an extratropical cyclone and dissipated. However, there is a close relationship between the formation and development of the typhoon and the subtropical high. In simple terms, if the subtropical high over the East, the typhoon will continue to the north, so as to reach the Northeast China and even the Russian far east. Before and after the "Lion Rock" generation, the ninth typhoon this year, "Dandelion" and No. eleventh typhoon "compass" were also generated, formed a "three dance" of the situation, resulting in a "Lion" out of the tortuous path. A popular example, typhoon like a marionette stood around in several different directions to force it to pull it, where to go, you need to see what more. When the forces of the parties is not stable when it will go away, go here for a while there appeared a while going around the phenomenon. (reporter Jia Ting) (MA may commissioning editor (Intern), Zhang Yu)相关的主题文章: