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[Ukraine] Chernovtsy: first fell in love with the city tourism Sohu – the first day arrived in Chernovtsy, good weather makes people first fell in love with the city. The sky is clear and the divine blue, cloud layer a shop in the above, the occasional sunshine behind the clouds over the city, to this historic city and covered with a layer of mystery. When the journey tired, this city has cured a traveler drifting heart with its most pure. The first station in Chernovtsy, is known as the "National University Chernovtsy Ukraine" the most beautiful university, when you want to understand a city of culture, must go to the city school for young people. As a cultural output, the school is a cultural business card, which represents the city’s attitude towards culture and beliefs, but also allows people to cross the time and space, to see the city’s most profound. This ancient and beautiful university campus building combines the Byzantine and Rome style people have a sense of space-time confusion, especially in a foreign country alone such a sunny afternoon, dizzy, on both sides of the road do not call on the name of the trees and plants so strange, like walking into a new life. However, the life of the original sense of belonging to nature and make people feel familiar. Familiar with the strange and twisted up, it becomes a kind of unspeakable sense of destiny. Perhaps this is the fate of the charm of travel, people from another angle to touch the beautiful life. Walking in the campus, looking at the way to pedestrians, like them because the bosom of the book is dear, God never built the tower of Babel, but in this world, some things can not be isolated by language differences, whether with a smile or knowledge, or other forms, people can cross countries across racial exchanges, like faith, can let two people completely different in the same things, feel each other the same soul. Not far from the Ukraine Chernovtsy National University, there is a pink appearance for the orthodox church. Holy Spirit church. Although this line has seen a lot of churches, many of which are so bright colors of the church. But this is the first time that the tender and pink. Walked in, do the priest is a Baptist born child, mother is very beautiful, with all the beauty of the Ukraine characteristics. Around the family to the pious priest praying, the statue of Jesus is over the mercy looked at them, such a holy scene can not help people move up, I can not bear to disturb them, stop for a long time, the heart is more warm. In Ukraine, every city, in addition to the opera house, I will go to a turning point, that is, the railway station. Built in the Austro Hungarian Empire of the Chernovtsy central train station, is typical of the New Baroque style. Here, from Kiev, lee.相关的主题文章: