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Visit Dunhuang Fair Pavilion: cultural feast "reproduction" history of silk civilization Beijing News Gansu, Dunhuang September 20 – Title: visit Dunhuang Fair Pavilion: cultural feast "reproduction" of new social civilization in the history of the Silk Road South reporter such as Gansu Provincial Museum curator Zhuoma in the Russian Exhibition Hall to visitors explained, "by these precious historical relics can be seen, the East West cultural tolerance, communication and interaction", he said, the silk road is China, the world is more, the silk road was once, will be eternal. The first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Fair opened 20. "The Belt and Road" along the more than and 60 countries more than 8 thousand pieces of cultural products and important cultural relics, for the first time in Dunhuang’s history in 2000 across the convergence and collision of civilization ". More than thirteen provinces China Museum "zhenguanzhibao" at the Expo pavilions appeared one by one, including the Inner Mongolia Eagle crown of gold ornaments, unearthed in Ningxia, Gansu, a silver gilt bronze horse unearthed in Xinjiang black acrobats, "tell" Chinese territory across the years of Lu Wenming silk. France is the first fair of the host country. Gilt antique cabinets, Louis Xiv’s painting, oil painting, silk Leon eighteenth Century antique car…… More than 200 pieces of exhibits, from space and time to trace the "French and silk road". The silk road connecting Changan and Rome, built a large trade channel between the two superpowers. "World – Italian artists exhibition" from Italy Capri St? Como Art Center Ghia came to the "Silk Road City" Dunhuang, China "NIB art home color" depicts the ancient Silk Road will be two different civilizations and cultural memory together "". A bust of Nefertiti Egypt, "the Nile", such as paintings of Egyptian art and cultural relics exhibition in Egypt cultural exhibition museum. The museum has also absorbed some of the best works from Algeria, Lebanon, Sultan, Tunisia and other countries of Arabia artists reflect the Chinese style. Hou Liming said the director of Dunhuang Research Institute of culture and art exhibition after the visit in an interview with News Agency reporters, "The Belt and Road along the national intangible cultural heritage exhibition and the countries along the silk road exhibition is the most amazing, showing the Asia Europe Africa America, Oceania and other countries of the fine arts," in Dunhuang enjoy multi style, have a distinctive flavour." Among them, the "cultural memory" intangible cultural heritage exhibition showcases Iran silk enamel, Ukraine flower carpet, wood carving, Uyghur Arabic calligraphy, ancient Mongolian harness production technology. Hou Liming analogy, 28 thousand square meters of indoor exhibition hall is more like a flow of "world silk road cultural corridor", the Dunhuang cultural feast "reproduction" of the history of the silk road. If the more than and 60 state of the art treasures exhibition is "tell" the history of the Silk Road, the Hong Kong and Macao "cultural and creative exhibition" is a modern new media technology "dialogue" of the ancient silk road show, with "interactive era" as the theme to bring the audience a new perceptual experience, rich social and cultural reflection context. This "cultural feast" not only combed the Silk Road on the land,相关的主题文章: