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Wang Yi and Uzbekistan foreign minister Camilo J talks in the new network – Xinhua News Agency November 12 Tashkent Xinhua (reporter Sha dati) on November 12th, foreign minister Wang Yi held talks in Tashkent with Uzbekistan’s foreign minister Camilo J. Wang Yi said, I went to the first stop of Samarkand’s visit to Ukraine to the late president Karimov mourning, the memory of the historic contribution he made to the development of bilateral relations. Since President Mir Ziyoevde took office, domestic and foreign affairs presents a new atmosphere. My visit is to express confidence in China’s future prospects for Ukraine, Ukraine and China relations in the future with confidence. Wang Yi said that President Karimov left an important diplomatic legacy is the establishment of a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and ukraine. China attaches great importance to bilateral relations, any change to Ukraine friendly policy, is willing to work with Uzbekistan together, the two leaders to create Ukraine to continue and carry forward the friendship, the two countries can not only meet the people’s interests, but also conducive to peace stability and development in the region. A series of important consensus the two sides should implement the two heads of state meeting in Tashkent in June this year will reach pragmatic cooperation, promote bilateral cooperation in the construction of "The Belt and Road" and other key areas to achieve new progress. At the same time fully tap the potential to carry out cooperation in production capacity, hydropower and tourism and other fields, to create a new point of growth in cooperation, the relationship between the two countries to add new meaning, inject new impetus. China is ready to work with Uzbekistan to strengthen law enforcement and security and intelligence cooperation, strengthening the Shanghai cooperation organization within the multilateral framework of cooperation, and jointly safeguard regional peace and security. We thank Wang Yi Camilo J made a special trip to Samarkand to pay homage to President Karimov. Camilo J said that the strategic relationship between China and Ukraine on the basis of equality, mutual benefit and non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, in recent years, sustained and rapid development. Mutual trust and mutual respect. Fruitful cooperation in political, economic and cultural fields. The two countries have similar diplomatic ideas and good cooperation on the international stage. As for China Uzbekistan border without great neighbors, attaches great importance to relations with China, an important political legacy to carry President Karimov, put the comprehensive strategic partnership to consolidate and develop. The Greek Uzbekistan China to maintain all levels of political exchanges, promote pragmatic cooperation in various fields. The Ukrainian side firmly supports China’s fight against the "three forces", is willing to strengthen communication and cooperation within the framework of the Shanghai cooperation organization, jointly safeguard regional security.相关的主题文章: