Watch the game player hanging open letter was actually a pioneer boast without shame to ask blizzard

Watch the game player hanging open letter was actually a pioneer in releasing boast without shame to ask Blizzard yesterday, watch the pioneer official forum has a post attracted the attention of the original game player, I use third party software wizard button in the middle of the night to your account be closed permanently, want to appeal to reply to your account, and a wave of ridicule original title by Blizzard entertainment! Game player plug-in post from the content of the post in the US is not difficult to see, the original landlord himself admitted using third party software upgrade also seems to hang up, the speech also said other games use plug-in and did not cause permanent closure of this result! At the same time, the forum also appeared in such a strange post, seems to want to wash white for the use of third party software in the post landlord said hook, hook and plug is not the same thing, here I also agree with. But it is in favor of hook and plug-in is not the same thing, if you use third party software on experience, this is not a simple hook problem, this is a real plug-in! Game player said he does not use plug-in plug-in, only onhook software from now, I feel the need for those who are still forum posting title game player a science, tell them what is outside! Baidu Encyclopedia for external interpretation from the current Baidu Encyclopedia Search Results for everyone is not difficult to see, the original QuickMacro landlord using a capital is classified in the plug-in, as to why Blizzard takes a means to suppress such a strong on the plug-in, here I am very understand. In the beginning of a player to buy the game to watch the beginning of the blizzard, the provisions of the clause on the capital marked on the prohibition of the use of third party software to play the game! Network registration agreement prohibits the use of third party software game in registered protocol, obviously there is such a principle, but also some threatened to appeal the blizzard I also feel very strange. When you start using the plug-in of the moment, you have unilaterally tearing up the agreement signed by you and blizzard, Blizzard is now found and then cease to provide service to you, you should also plan to sue Blizzard? Is there a problem with this logical relationship? Although China lacks the spirit of contract, but this approach is not the scope of the spirit of the contract, it is really stupid! If for less part of the plug-in game player called "rights" to harm those who abide by the rules of the normal game game player real interests, this is a stupid game blizzard, reasonable operation, absolutely is to prevent the plug. Although it will not be possible to let the plug completely disappear, but Blizzard is very hard to do, in order to give the real players to provide a purely good game environment! The official forum also has a lot of game player game experience is hang up the party complained in the official forum in effect now we can also see that there are already some of the normal game player game experience is affected by the plug-in, if allowed the phenomenon continues, there will be absolutely everyone on the results of this case with malignant upgrade. If the government does not have a harsh and oppressive solution.相关的主题文章: