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Water toot lip jelly envy Kunling Song Ji Hyo? It only takes a few steps out of the street to the Sohu summer makeup revealing enough, lip makeup is the key to attract one eye, bite lips, M lips what have become the past, jelly lip is popular! It looks like the Q elastic transparent, moist and plump, like fruit jelly as attractive. As the South Korean idol drama and reality show in Asia will even show popular actress makeup has become a popular focus, like Yun Eunhea before biting lips, Joe’s sister M lips, let the girls crazy chasing for a long time. BUT, these lips are outdated! From the "Running Man" a fire to "we love" Song Ji Hyo recently fell in love with jelly lip, not only captured the hearts of Gary, is to win our renge shiny lips, add a bit more texture in the sexy young. Kunling is jelly lip lovers, with collagen and water toot lips, know why Jay Chou chose her not to choose you! Although Wuli Yun Eunhea brought up a bite lip craze, but Jelly is her favorite lip plump, shiny lips, vigor index increased rapidly. Hydra Jelly lip to be more seductive than ordinary lips, blingbling lips more suitable for summer feeling, the overall makeup will appear relaxed many. What is the jelly lip lip looks Q elastic transparent, moist and plump, with jelly like texture, sweet and sexy. Step1: moisturizing lip with finger or brush in the lip smear lip balm, and appropriate massage, make lip skin can fully moisturize lip; Step2: constituents are fully absorbed by the tissue after pressing the lips, eliminate excess fat, enhance the sense of fresh moisture; lip primer lip Concealer original lip covered this makes the lipstick color after the correction, from the original color effect, create the ideal lip. Jelly lip painting method 1: this method is the most simple, just a lip glaze. The Lip Glaze in the occlusal part of the upper lip and the lower lip, and then use a brush or a finger gently outward lip dizzy, watery jelly lip immediately appeared, of course the moisture level of moist degree cannot do without the Moisturizing Lip Glaze! Method 2: use a brush dipped in the upper lip balm, lower lip respectively from the inside of smudges, with the same color of lip oil or transparent lip oil cover, lip made explicit plump lip What are pregnant, suck! You need to pay attention to these paintings jelly lip gloss must be high: reflective lip makeup is the overall sense of jelly blingbling, with some gloss, high brightness color is also a good way, provided the bright color brings the summer cool feeling. The lip area to the halo: unlike bite lips and M lips, lip to lip jelly smudges, lips look plump, in order to reflect the jelly.相关的主题文章: