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Wenzhou people together to rescue a drowning child with rescuer swept away – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Beijing on September 18th news Chinese according to the voice of "peak Evening News" reported that two days ago, affected by the typhoon, Wenzhou and more heavy rains. A 5 year old child in the Cao Dai River shore because of the slippery feet, fell into the river, the water is directly downstream. 21 year old Wu Guobiao heard a cry for help, took off his shoes, the children fell into the water to swim back. Then passing Wang Shiqing also jumped into the water to save. At this point, the children struggling in the water almost no effort, and even the head can not be exposed to the water. Fortunately, Wu Guobiao quickly swim to the side of the child, Wang Shiqing also arrived, the two together with the child, so that the child’s mouth can leave the water to breathe. However, the river rapids, the water is deep, Wu Guobiao and Wang Shiqing has a tired, hand and pull the child with two people, on the other hand in the water, but did not move. At this time, the other two people passing by Yang Jiong and Wang Xingui also jumped into the river. In all the efforts and the passers-by for help, children successfully rescued ashore, but the earliest water Wu Guobiao was swept away by the turbulent current disappeared. At present, the local search and rescue continues, from Guizhou home to Wu Guobiao’s father and rescued the boy’s father is still waiting for him on the shore of the news.相关的主题文章: