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Why they can also enjoy the land compensation – Beijing         illegal adoption of children         [] Liu Guoping case and Zhang Xinlin couple in January 2001 without the approval of relevant departments, the xiaomou received as a daughter, a household registration in the same year Shaw headed by Liu Guoping the resident population registration form within the group of villagers Village, have no objection. Since then, Zhang Xinlin has been with Liu Guoping Shaw and his wife live, and participate in the land management contract. January 2016, due to large tracts of land in the village was levied, the relevant departments issued a compensation for land acquisition. That paragraph allocation problem, the village to the Department xiaomou illegal adoption on the grounds, refused to grant.         [comment] after the expropriation of land, the corresponding compensation can be assigned to the object, depending on whether it has the membership of the collective economic organization. According to the relevant laws and regulations, qualification has three forms: one is the parents have the membership of the collective economic organization, or a party with membership and lawfully registered as a collective economic organization where the permanent residence, their children from birth to membership; two is due to marriage, adoption, production and life in the collective economic organization, and will move into account the collective economic organization; the three is for national construction or other policy factors, through immigration into the collective economic organizations where the production and life, and will account into the collective economic organization is located.         in this case, Liu Guoping and his wife Zhang Xinlin, Department of village collective economic organizations, although the illegal adoption xiaomou, but xiaomou account is not illegal, but by the public security organs for registration of the resident population of the family, and xiaomou been they husband and wife living together, and with their contracted land as the basic living security, which has a membership of the village collective economic organizations.         they had no land given         [case] Liu Xiaofang married in August 2013 in the 10 km outside the residence of Zhang Chengfa, and in the second month of the account moved to Zhang Chengfa’s village group. Given a variety of reasons, such as land tension, the villagers have not been adjusted to the Liu Xiaofang group for the production and operation of land. March 2016 as a result of the national land acquisition group of villagers, the villagers get a group of land compensation. But the villagers group in determining the allocation of land compensation scheme, but Liu Xiaofang did not actually share the land on the grounds, refused to give it to 3211.2 yuan per capita.         [comment] Liu Xiaofang also entitled to land compensation. On the one hand, Liu Xiaofang has the qualifications of the village team members. Liu Xiaofang’s account has been moved to the village group, indicating that the account has been approved by law, should have the qualifications of the village team members. On the other hand, land compensation is the compensation for the loss of collective land ownership.相关的主题文章: