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With the science and technology innovation inspiration — people.com.cn original title: Science "attunement" movie "attunement" movie with the scientific innovation and Inspiration of the science fiction film film production risk control, industrial integration and market effect of aggregates, represents the highest level of the film industry. In 2015, the total box office of American science fiction films of the year 25.71%, if the next five years China’s film market in accordance with the industry generally expected to reach 80 billion yuan, accounting for 20% of the science fiction film such as, the scale will reach 16 billion yuan at the box office. However, in recent years in China rarely seen science fiction, the shooting experience is less and less. From this point of view, to stimulate the vitality of innovation in China’s science fiction film market, it may wish to understand the scientific theme of the film around the creation of skills and strategies. The movie has become an important tool for science communication in the early development of the film industry, which belongs to the popular themes of science fiction movies. However, with the rapid development of computer special effects, this situation has changed a lot in the late twentieth Century. Today, science fiction movies have become a major category in the film, and even have a large number of loyal fans". Science is truth, and science fiction is fantasy. If you want to learn science, understand the work of the scientists and their research questions, science fiction movies may not be the most reliable source of information, but if in order to show the dramatic conflict, to comedy and romantic effect, so scientists can also appear in a variety of roles. The skills and experience of film creation can better spread science. In fact, the concept of science or knowledge is through text, digital media and art and other forms of communication to the public, the film is one of the most powerful channels. The appearance of computer imaging technology has further expanded the visual impact of film as a medium. The emphasis should be placed on the accuracy and accuracy of scientific problems, but many of the films related to science are not accurate or simplistic. In this regard, the most attractive innovation is the creation of the film: a seamless connection to the story of the film, which is both an opportunity and a challenge. In fact, in order to meet the emotional needs of the script, foreign film writers will require the signing of a creative license agreement, so as not to be free from the limitations of scientific principles. This can lead to inaccurate scientific facts, but even so, it is a form of scientific contact. Whether the science in the film is accurate or inaccurate, it is possible to stimulate the audience’s interest in science and encourage them to participate in a wider range of scientific discussions. Unproven scientific theories can also produce wonderful artistic effects, whether or not a film is related to science, and creative techniques or strategies are major challenges. The most attractive feature of a film is the emotional and the story of the hero, and the protagonist’s emotions and the plot together to promote the development of the story. In the past, the traditional classic film, the protagonist will experience conflicts of interest, struggle or other challenges, causing the audience emotional resonance. However, in these movies, science has not become the theme of expression, science is only presented as the first film相关的主题文章: