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Xiao Haidong manipulated Happigo limit death squads 12 shares the Commission confiscated more than 50 million Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide you with entries you earn will always let you Chinese falls and hearing the news of the Commission September 13th issued a written decision on the administrative penalty for Xiao Haidong to recognize you, Xiao Haidong in violation of the "Securities Law" seventy-seventh paragraph (a) of the act, constitute the "Securities Law" article 203rd of the manipulation of the securities market, Xiao Haidong confiscated 13413747.87 yuan of illegal income, and impose a fine of 40241243.61 yuan. The Commission administrative penalty decision shows that according to the relevant provisions of the "People’s Republic of China Securities Law", the Commission on Xiao Haidong control Jiangsu Tong photoelectron cable Limited by Share Ltd, Zhejiang YG electrical Limited by Share Ltd, a Hand Enterprise Solutions Company Ltd in Shanghai, Anhui province sierte fertilizer industry Limited by Share Ltd, Wuhan Liyuan information technology Limited by Share Ltd, Dongguan e-ande Polytron Technologies Inc, Polytron Technologies Inc, Anhui Guozhen environmental protection energy saving happy shopping Limited by Share Ltd, Nanjing welbow metals Limited by Share Ltd, Beijing wanbangda environmental technology Limited by Share Ltd, Tianjin Hyflux electrical Limited by Share Ltd, Chengdu Westone Information Industry Inc and other 12 stocks, case investigation, trial, and shall inform the parties for travel The facts, reasons and basis of administrative punishment and the rights enjoyed by the parties in accordance with the law. The Xiao Haidong (male, born in December 1970, address: Sichuan province Chengdu city high tech Zone) submitted a written statement of defense materials. Should the parties apply, the Commission held a hearing to listen to the statements of the parties concerned to defend himself. The case has been investigated, the end of the trial. After identifying the illegal presence of the following facts: first, Xiao Haidong from January 29, 2015 to July 14th, Xiao Haidong use 7 account control to control the use of "Xiao Haidong Shaw Chang" "Yang Mouping" "Yang Moucheng" "Chen Mouxiu" and "Yang" and "Xiao Chang securities account" and "Yang" credit account 7 accounts (hereinafter referred to as the account group) the securities account, the account group source and destination cross each other and concentrated, funds are mainly direct source for Xiao Haidong and Yang (Xiao Haidong’s wife). The transaction address of the single account of the securities account is the same as that of the foreign exchange records and the flight information of Xiao Haidong. Securities account, the three party depository bank account opening account of the existence of the same cross phone. The account group exists in laws or other close relatives, close relationship between the nominal holder of securities account. "Xiao Chang" "Yang Mouping" "Yang Moucheng" and "Yang" in the name of account holder or the operation of the accounts involved per capita said Xiao Haidong decision-making and operation, and said the "Chen Xiu" account according to Xiao Haidong or Yang recommendations. Xiao Haidong admitted to the control and use of accounts involved and operate most of the accounts, and the Chen show account operating decisions have an important impact. The vast majority of account manipulation operations by Xiao Haidong himself, a small number of transactions by Yang according to their instructions. Two, Xiao Haidong controls the use of account group transactions, light theory相关的主题文章: