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Xiao Bian to help you   waterless car wash is a gimmick or really practical, people.com.cn car — people.com.cn original title: love card to help you water washing is a gimmick or really heard a lot of people believe that practical water washing the first reaction is: what! What is this? How do I wash my car without water. In fact, the water washing is not what new technology, more than ten years ago the Singapore government in order to save water, water washing mandatory, makes water washing technology continues to mature and improve, until now only need to spray a wipe. Internet search found everywhere in that water washing is good, B is high. But the development of waterless car wash in China is still in lactation so we usually see no signs of car wash. In the lactation period does not mean to see similar products in the market, these products are generally divided into two categories: one is the spray, such as bottled water washing liquid, the price is also uneven, from tens to hundreds of pieces have. Spray type car free car wash, easy to use. So Anhydrous car wash and usually their own car wash compared to waterless car wash is just a gimmick or really practical? Do not try to see how true chapter, said dry on dry. First of all, I found a long time did not move the car, the owner is the estimation of heart, as long as the main driving clean rest are all clouds, we take a look at this dirty car to what extent. The lights have been dirty to be covered with a layer of yarn, which will affect the transparency of the lampshade, is not conducive to safe driving. The grille is also covered with dust behind the mirror, so that it will not affect the line of sight? The dusty back shaped taillights will no longer appear not terribly fatigued spirit, scraping the wiper dirty place no matter totally rim will not see what I think the owner is definitely not a Virgo, even the corridor must save more garbage thrown. But I just like it just choose it, not dirty how I wash ah. Here, you also can’t wait to see some of the big move out the water washing effect is good, please see page second. Or you can look at the wonderful content to the following portal. (Dou Ming, commissioning editor Wu Xiaoqin) original title: love card to help you water washing is a gimmick or really practical hope stars hope the moon finally put a waterless car washing liquid all look forward to the ocean. I bought a bottle, you need to go to the ratio of 1:16 to dilute and then use (of course, can not be diluted, is a bit wasted). I’m going to use a waterless car wash and a normal water wash to make a comparison. All the different ocean washing liquid anhydrous I also prepared a small bucket, four cleaning towel, plus a small watering can. Two towel washing liquid anhydrous must be dry, why is dry, look down the apparent result. You guys are all ready! Note: towel must dry! Dry! Dry! First of all, first with the car covered with the use of anhydrous washing liquid One divides into two., scrub, right of ordinary washing contest starts. Spray the waterless car wash evenly on the table to scrub相关的主题文章: