Zhang Ziyi and her daughter playing swimsuit cover her body (Figure) jodie foster

Zhang Ziyi and her daughter playing swimsuit cover her body (Figure) Zhang Ziyi and daughter swimming Phoenix Entertainment News the evening of September 11th, Zhang Ziyi micro-blog in drying out a daughter swimming photos, and wrote: "yesterday soon tired hematemesis, at this moment the blood circulation in hemostasis…". In the photo, Zhang Ziyi dressed in a black suit, good figure glance, she pushed sitting in the swimming circle in the daughter of wake up, picture is very warm. Micro-blog issued, users have a message to onlookers, "Zi Yi is so great! While the fitness side with a baby, wake up happy "," the long legs, fitness with the baby two. "Wake up," small sat in the swimming circle can be cool". Two stars of the strongest news! Zhang Ziyi’s daughter Zhang Ziyi became the youngest daughter holding the cover girl magazine covers according to Taiwan media reports, Zhang Ziyi on the show "Crouching.Tiger,Hidden.Dragon" directed by Ang Lee in the movie "Jen" corner rising, because the film’s success into the international. After more than love, last love singer Wang Feng, and gave birth to her daughter "wake up" in the same year, a woman carrying her everything is full, wake up on the recently famous magazine "ELLE" the mainland version of the cover, which is not only the experience at the beginning of the magazine is wake up magazine, founded in 28 years, the youngest cover girl. The mainland version of "ELLE" founded 28 years, today on the official micro-blog released the latest issue of the magazine cover, the new Zhang Ziyi to bring her daughter wake up on the cover, wrote: "she had hidden in her soft, beauty and happiness on hand." Zhang Ziyi micro-blog screenshot photos of Zhang Ziyi eye brow expressed deep love, embrace naked daughter, wake up back to the camera. This is not only the first fashion magazine after Zhang Ziyi’s comeback, but also the thirteenth time she boarded the cover of "ELLE". At the same time, 8 months (when shooting under the age of 8 months) of the wake up are on the line of fashion magazine cover, become the youngest playmate, "high starting point" so users can refer to wake up is "the strongest star two generation". With deeper, exposing more transparent, more unspeakable secrets, all in the "Phoenix gossip" (micro signal: entifengvip), add free reading.相关的主题文章: