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Zong Ning: Double 11 TV dark horse, storm TV breakthrough? Sohu technology Tmall double 11 new variety peak, 52 seconds of billions of dollars, 1 hours sales close to forty billion, the industry is really amazing. The Tmall 11, the smart TV field rookie storm TV topped the first: half an hour before the sale of 10000 units, and the explosion of products, 40 super TV? Single product in 8 hours and 35 minutes to break the 50000 sales in total sales, as of press storm TV has been close to 90000 units, called the biggest dark horse of the double 11 TV field. Why did this double 11 storm TV get such a big break? The first double 11, with the strength to convince the people the first time to participate in the double 11, storm TV got such good results, it is staggering. Storm TV is currently 1.5 times the advantage of leading the smart TV brand in the top second, with an overwhelming advantage. Storm TV can get a shot so high attention and recognition, and its accumulation of brands and technologies are inseparable. The storm over TV and other television is not the same place, or in the VR advantage and breakthrough, which is in the double 11 main reasons for the great success, but also the main differences and other smart TV where. The storm has been the focus of their own development in VR technology, the first layout of the whole industry chain including VR, VR, VR, VR content computing platform, VR camera head and so on, set up Chinese maximum VR content repository. And this effort, in the storm TV series of TV products on the ground, the first in the industry to develop a VR tv. The loading of VR technology has the advantage of powerful computing platform and computing power for the storm TV, and it can provide users with more powerful performance support. The storm won the double 11 TV sales champion, in fact, it has been shown that the sale of the storm, TV to 70000 above a predetermined first, it also shows that in fact the storm VR TV has long been recognized by consumers. 720 degree panoramic VR implementation experience storm shadow, is very innovative and creative, giving a hitherto unknown experience, this experience is very attractive to the eye of the fancier. After all, smart TV is the main consumer groups of young people, they are not simply buy TV, they prefer to experience the thrill of technological progress. Due to the configuration, whether it is a high frequency of CPU or imported 4K screen, plus the whole case of the sound system, which is the industry’s leading smart TV products. The combination of these advantages and disadvantages of soft and hard combination of the advantages and advantages of VR, the storm became the key to the outbreak of the double 11 TV. In the TV computing power, VR technology for storm TV with a powerful computing platform and computing capabilities, in order to provide users with more powerful performance support. From the content upgrade to the core of N421 smart TV strategy now seems to be rich in Internet content, and the storm as a veteran of the video company, the accumulation of content is also very advantageous. The TV covers the storm, Iqiyi, Austrian flying.相关的主题文章: